Wednesday, March 27, 2013

    Pre-Easter Update

    Busy here at the ranch .. but i've been getting hassled for some updates.

    Still  mucho mucho, but the cabinetry is supposed to go in this week, and i'm betting things will start looking a lot different then.  I was at the cabinetmakers earlier this week and everything seems so big and scary and although I know it will all be wonderful, I wonder if I made the right decisions?

    I think it is normal to feel like that, espcecially when you are spending a lot of moolah.

    So , without further ado, this is what has been happening:


    We can haz floorboards ^


    WIR plastered ^


    My hallway with the stairless stairwell most awesome ^


    Laundry/pantry, also plastered ^


    And the living area ^

    I'm currently dabbling in splashback tiles, and in my handbag at all times are paint chips, a chunk of countertop, a laminex tile, and the island contrast-kicker.  I brought home some teeny tiny tiles today that I hope are winners.  It's either teeny tiny I think, or a big slab of something pourous and impractical, as is my wont.  Will hopefully resolve over Easter.

    So a little bit boring today kiddies - I do have a big rambling draft I wrote after a bottle of wine & Thai after chatting to Stacey Kouros last week, but it's seriously manic - hilaire, i'm sure, but in the interests of all concerned, could do with a wee bit of an edit, so i'll come back to that ;)



    K-L said...

    Looking great!!!! Would love to read the unedited vino fueled post...those ones are always my best but I always delete them! LOL! Have a great Easter, x KL

    Karina Roberts said...

    Ohhhhh those floorboards!!! #love

    Good luck with the tile splashback know me - been there, done that, nearly went crazy! I'm always here for a chat ;-P xx

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