Wednesday, April 03, 2013

    Tile, Tile Baby...

    Splashback!  Holla!

    I have found the most divine tiles in all of the world.

    Even better, they are Australian Made & Owned .. right here in Melbourne!
    So beautiful, I dream of them.

    I'm down to a choice between two formats.. and a bazillion colours.

    From their site:

    Southern Cross Ceramics has been manufacturing designer ceramics since 1987
    and leads the world with its unique solid Murano glass on porcelain technology.

    Yeah, i'm impressed.

    I first saw their tiles in our local tile place.  Mesmerising.
    However, with limited samples etc, I called the manufacturer and they said I could pop on over.
    Expecting a dingy warehouse and a surly bloke who spoke in grunts,
    I was pleasantly surprised to be genuinely welcomed into their showroom..


    They put on a video for the kids and I spent an HOUR there with the lovely Miranda
    while we mutually admired each other's good taste, and then she sent me home with a
    variety of samples, which I will now be returning and exchanging for others
    ( sounds like my kitchen pendants, huh ? ;)

    The thing is, I chose too safe.  Besides my body screaming out for the Kiwi..
    or the Barley Sugar.. or the Chilli or the Turquoise ... I took home some milder shades
    that would 'blend' and 'not date'.

    How boring.

    Do these tiles look like they want to play safe?
    No.  No they don't.


    This is the lovely Miranda's arms as she holds up one of the formats I am debating. 
    Format 10 is fine for a safer colour I think.. but I think my heart yearns for ...


    Matrix Format 2.  Yes, that's right, the one with lots of grout to suck up the spills and splashes.

    But you know what?  I'll deal with that for the pretty. 
    Miranda even gave me information on a 100% stain proof grout they recommend,
    so nice try, korma curry.. nice try spag bol, you aint got nothing on us!


    If you're in the market for tiles, I totally recommend a visit to Southern Cross Splashbacks.
    They have an online tile visualiser ( that I used for a couple of these pics here ), but not all
    the formats and tiles are available.  However, you can get a good indication of colour,
    and then go from there. 


    Please note I was neither paid nor received product for this recommendation...  I just get
    a bit excited sometimes and want to share the pretty.
    However, if they do happen to read this and want to offer me free tiles and/or discounts, hell yes i'd say, thanks muchly, that would be *grand*
    And I would tile the whole house.

    Yes.I.would.  Well.. maybe.  ( I'd definitely add a bit of colour to my bathroom )



    Stacey said...

    They're gorgeous. I'll definitely be getting Miranda's details from you, although she'll probably be retired by the time I need them. I'd love those small blue ones in a bathroom.

    muser said...

    I had a play and chose Lagoon.

    phoeberae said...

    Go bold... Be brave!

    Where Dreamers Dwell said...

    Ooh thanks for sharing! We're looking at subway tiles for the bathroom and it's nice to check out different suppliers.

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