Saturday, August 18, 2012


    While we were away, we ate at a café where my youngest fell in love with the waiter.

    Everytime he delivered a drink ( or a bowl of hot frites, which is basically all the youngest lived on while we were away ), he'd call "Hopa!" as he placed them on the table with a flourish.

    The 4yr old locked onto the word like an anthem and soon it was infectious and we were all calling out Hopa! randomly, despite having no idea what it meant ( I assumed it meant "here it is!" based on the waiter experience )

    Luckily, these are the days of wi-fi, which really broadened my travelling experience. 
    See an interesting sign you can't understand?  Simply snap it on the i-phone and translate/research it that night on your i-pad.  Share with your family ( or the world, via facebook if you wish ), and viola! - the world just got a little bit smarter.

    Fabulous.  I love the modern age.

    So back to the hopa!  ..
    It appears to be a slang word, and the clearest definition that fit I found here:

    So .. whoops-a-daisy! 


    Anyway, we are back home in Australia now, and this post is prompted by a rather interesting lunchtime conversation I just overheard:

    Eldest:        "Hópa!"
    Youngest:  "That's a Paris word, we're not in Paris anymore, don't say it"

    Um, err.  Someone just got told ?!

    If you'd like to see more shots from our vacation, I just uploaded some from an amazing Train Station we visited over at my hbfotografic blog.  Yes, train station. 

    I'll be uploading bits and pieces as I find time and inclination, so if you're interested, be sure to bookmark my page!

    - Lea


    Fairlie said...

    Wifi and Google have revolutionised travel. Who needs to drag around heavy guide books when you can use your phone and the free wifi in a cafe to check details?

    I love the way kids mimic people they meet. My girls were saying 'Prego!' to everything when we were in Italy last year.

    h&b said...


    Yes, I have to admit to being a fan of that one too. I think the upwards inflection adds a touch of joy ( and of course, makes you feel very local and with-it .. ha ha )

    I must admit Hópa! saved us from a few would-have-been outbursts of tears. If you say it really quickly after a knee-skin, the tears can be replaced with laughter ;)

    Melody said...

    I love the way I learn something new everyday. And I love the way your Master 4 is so honest in his opinions. Yep - you're not in Paris any more. (I hope he said it in a loud and clear voice so everyone all around could hear you.)

    Mandy C said...

    Oh, hopa is a beautiful little word to take with you on all the days! xox

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