Monday, August 27, 2012

    The Boy's Room .. Befores..

    You might remember my Nursery back from the days when I was a better blogger.


    It was featured in the Herald-Sun HOME weekend supplement here in Australia, and also on Apartment Therapy.


    Yes, in 2007 .. before the youngest was even born.

    And now he's 4yrs old and barely anything has changed.

    I got busy, life got busy, the kids got busy.

    And yet, every day when I go in there to put away clothes or make the bed, i'm reminded that it was a room made for a BABY.  And despite my boys both loving that tree motif, it's time for change.


    These last few images I took show that the little was still in a toddler bed.  Not that he ever slept in it.  He either squooshed in the KS Single with his brother, or co-slept with us.  He was getting too big, and it had to stop.


    So if you've been following on facebook, you'll see I posted some images over the weekend of some new artwork i've made to bring the room up to speed for little dudes.

    They also now have our old QS bed, which is centred in the room, and we painted white.
    The new room will have a colour palette of reds,whites,blues, and a bit of teal for good measure.

    I hope to share the new room soon!



    Deb said...


    I'm glad you're back.

    - Deb

    Em said...

    Gorgeous room! I remember when your second baby came into the world :)

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