Wednesday, November 21, 2007


    It's been hot of late, and our NEW aircon is broken.
    We've been waiting on a part for a month now, and I think the girl from Agnews has moved company, as she never returned promised phone calls, and then feigned not knowing who I was every time I called ( again ), even though she was my assigned helper, and I was speaking to no-one else, and I was calling once a week.


    So when the temps hit 40deg, and there was still no answer, my husband called and spoke to Sarah. He asked to speak to her boss ( she has none, the buck stops with her ).
    Fine, he said, put me through to the CEO.
    She can't do that, she said, you have to write a letter.

    Fine, he said, who do I address it to ?
    ( not sure about the next bit - she either wouldn't or couldn't tell him - probably because her arse was on the line ).
    So he got the company website up while talking to her and said "I will address it to Joe Bloggs, as it says here he is your CEO".

    To which she refused to answer him. Weird.
    So he faxed the CEO yesterday, and guess what ? They're coming today.


    So yesterday was too hot for yard work, and we decided to do something 'fun' for the boy instead, so took off to Scienceworks.

    These pics were taken with the new camera I whined about once before. I swear, for all it's whoop-de-doo, it takes pics like a crappy cameraphone. I hate it.

    I was really keen on the Planetarium, which we only got a quarter of the way through when the littlest guy needed to go toiley ( silly us for not going first ! ). Anyway, as it was a 'once you leave, you can't come back event', we missed most of it :(
    I'm pretty sure the planetarium in Canberra - you can come and go as you please ?

    Oh well, it was purdy while it lasted. ..

    The boys liked the sports area.
    I liked the fact non-athletic me was the only one amongst us that could get a netball in the hoop, and that I could bend furthest forward in a stretching exercise, even despite having a huge bump in the way :p

    Then we had to evacuate the building as they held a mock fire exercise.
    The alarms hurt the boy's ears, and then he was distressed there was no fire engines, and totally didn't get the concept of 'faking it'.
    I know they have to do these things occasionally, but talk about annoying...

    Upstairs, they had a special area for 3-6yr olds, which was kind of like a giant playcentre. A bit boring for the adults, but the boy had fun. I liked this building thingy room.
    Wouldn't mind building a boy's bedroom like this actually - how cool would that be ?! :)


    Stomper Girl said...

    I love Scienceworks and I especially love that little kids area. I'm always amazed at how they all start working together (innate teamwork) to get the bricks up to the top, with this real urgency, like it's SO important: must.move.the.bricks!!11

    Aunty Evil said...

    Why couldn't you go back in? That's a bit weak!

    Tracey Petersen said...

    That would be a very cool bedroom. The only thing cooler would be a bedroom with a huge marbel run from the ceiling, around the walls and to the floor.

    h&b said...

    Stomper - there was only one other 6month old there and she was so totally NOT into teamwork. I mean, what kind of school are they sending her to ?!

    Evil - yeah, I reckon. Do you reckon I should have just let the boy wee on the floor, casino style ?

    tracey - I like how you think. That would be VERY cool !

    bluemountainsmary said...

    It would be cool.

    With a platform bed.

    Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

    Scienceworks is ace. My boys are obsessed with the place.
    Our ever so slightly OC eldest boy, wasn't leaving until "he beats that girl in the race". Never mind that she is Cathy Freeman and he was a six year old, he raced her again and again and had to be forcibly removed.
    Youngest boy has a lovely habit of needing the toilet at the most inopportune moments. Recently:
    - Just as the seatbelt signs went on coming home from our holidays
    - As the light started flashing on top of the barrier before the running of the Melbourne Cup.
    - When I was down to bra and undies in a change room.
    Glad to hear the AC issue is sorted out - yesterday was a stinker.

    Christie said...

    I hate nasty Air-con companies, we are meeting the CEO of the one we used at VCAT on monday, it should be fun...not happy jan...

    I should have gone to Scienceworks with the kids yesterday, they were fez after being housebound for 2 days in a row!

    Fiona said...

    We went to Scienceworks for the first time when we were over your way a few weeks ago - the girl LOVED it. Especially the running bit, and the hydraulic digger in the ball pit. We had a real problem dragging my husband out of the soccer area, though...

    Fairlie said...

    We love Scienceworks! When my eldest daughter was about four she raced Cathy Freeman, and due to some technical stuff-up beat her. To this day she still thinks she actually did run faster than Cathy Freeman...

    Jo said...

    Scienceworks looks ace. I still havent been.
    Can I tell you about a fire drill I was involved in 3 years ago. It was 6.30am at MSAC in the middle of winter. Cold outside and dark. I was doing laps. The alarm went off and we all had to get out of the pool and go and stand outside for 10 minutes IN OUR BATHERS. I thought they were kidding but NO.

    dottycookie said...

    Looks a bit like the revamped Science Museum in London - especially the hands on kiddie bit at the end. I love kiddie science, it is wonderful to see them discovering stuff about the world before while they still find it all so exciting!

    meggie said...

    Lokks like a good place to hide out from the heat!

    crafty said...

    Scienceworks is great, I am also surprised you couldn't go back in.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    It's hitting 40deg already?? Arrk, how vile. Poor you - and pregnant, gwak.

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