Friday, July 13, 2007

    Flickr Suffers..

    I need to take more photos ... or more photos worthy of flickr.
    Boy, people are talented.

    I took a look today at other people taking pics with the same cameras as me ( we now own 3, as of Wednesday, one each ), and .. um ... lets just say my point and shoot is showing.


    We have a fancy-pants Digital-SLR which I love ( that's HIS, but I use it lots ;), then we've got my little Canon IXUS, which was state-of-the-art in the Yr 2000 when digis were new and we were on our way to NYC. I also think we bought it as I used to take lots of macro garden shots with the 35mm SLR, and he got sick of paying and picking up shots of petals, and grass, and herbs, and the cats.

    So he's off to the States soon, and wanted something small, coz he doesn't want to lug the SLR, and the Canon isn't good enough.

    Hence, a new cam. Which has no 'manual' viewfinder, just a big screen at the back .. which I don't like. And my initial pics are rather lacklustre ... so i've resorted to reading the manual ( as you don't .. well, I never do ), and it turns out it can do some pretty fancy-pants stuff.
    And the video feature is awesome.

    I've never taken movies of my son, so he found it pretty cool to see himself on the computer, jumping on the mimi-tramp and singing "The Daddy Song" ( it goes: "DaddysSongDaddysSongDaddysSongDaddysSong" ).
    It's pretty good, as you can no doubt imagine.
    I'm adding 'songwriter' to the expanding future career list.

    So why am I telling you all this ? I don't know.
    I'm tired and don't want to go to bed.
    We've been filling a skip all day with chunks of concrete and weeds and pieces of leftover electrical crap and rocks, and i'm not taking very good photos.

    Maybe it's the drab winter light.
    Yes, that's it. I'm a poor tradesman, I can blame my tools ....


    dancingmorganmouse said...

    10 x optical zoom?? I'm suffering camera envy.

    meggie said...

    Wish I had a new camera. Green green green.

    Janet said...

    you know when I first got my (very ancient) digital camea I thought it was total rubbish because all my pictures were blurry. ahem. I think it takes a while and practice to get the best out of a new camera. And flickr's a lot like the blogosphere, so much stuff to blow your mind and compare yourself too, when really it's about what you see, your unique take on things. Which a fair few people (me included) find pretty interesting, I'd say. Any way that's what I think.

    That said, I enjoy doing the self portrait thing because it pushes my photos a bit. Having a theme helps.

    And the light, gloomy, gloomy gloomy. Except frst thing in the morning sometmes, usually when I have other things I have to do.

    Stomper Girl said...

    My FIL has an SLR that he lets me play with and I love it. I'll be testing myself doing some shots for the SIL's forthcoming wedding, as she will walk down the aisle on my FIL's arm.

    Not that I'm any great shakes, and I've only got a little Kodak point&shoot, but I know I'm much better than when I first got the camera. I do think practice helps, as Janet says. And also knowing that some people really notice things in the background is making me much savvier with framing. But that's because our house is such a mess at present and I don't want to share that with the wide world!

    Fairlie said...

    I got an SLR last year which delivers amazing results (at least it will once I read the instructions!) but I find I still use my little Canon compact digi more often as I can fit it into my handbag and take it everywhere.

    jorth said...

    I know just how you feel. I so totally need to go to photo school.

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