Monday, July 09, 2007

    Eight ( 8 )

    I felt sorry for Janet. She'd just finished tagging me for a meme, and then came over here to see me ranting on about how I hate doing memes.

    It's like I saw her coming. Bummer.

    So I concede, because i'm a good sport like that.
    Without further ado: 8 Random Things About Me:

    I miss fine dining. It used to be such a simple affair .. take your DINK finances after work on a Friday night perhaps, or even for a special treat, and make a booking at Zios, Cafe di Stasio, Sails on Elwood, Walters, The Carringbush, Langtons. Zios has moved suburb, and I think Langtons has closed. A million new places have opened, and will close before I ever get to them.
    I now live and dine in the pages of Tuesday's Epicure.

    NOT that i'm complaining, mind you. Life is infinitely more sweeter now. And when we *do* eat out, I appreciate it so much more.....

    I lived in a caravan ( trailer ) for 3years ( I think ) when I was in Primary School.
    It wasn't one of those ones that mimic a home, it was a small camping caravan - with a double bed down one end, 2 bunks at the other. Sliding screens for privacy ( about 10cms to dress in ), and a kitchenette and dining table in the middle. But it wasn't like in America ( trailer trash ), it was more like Home'n'Away.

    It wasn't so odd as a lot of people did this while they were building their own homes in our small seaside town. We were on a waiting list for public housing, so not as glam, but if people wanted to assume I wasn't trash, I never did anything to persuade them otherwise.

    I am not a good girlfriend. I don't enjoy sitting around in cafes drinking coffee and feeling a distinct lack of things to say. I'm not good at 'small talk' and I couldn't think of anything worse than "catching a movie".
    I also don't enjoy shopping. I go to the shops with a goal, and when that goal is achieved/bought/secured, THEN we can sit down and have lunch, but something quick, as I will have the child with me.
    AB shops like me ( so perhaps I shop like a boy ? )
    We're rarely out for more than 2hrs.

    I just like being at home. My favourite 'outing' is visiting someone else, in their home, or having someone here, in mine.
    Unless of course, i'm out fine dining, with my husband ;)

    On girlfriends and my husband - i've only ever been a one-friend girl. Always had a best friend, and I find it too hard to keep up with a multitude of others. Sure, I have *other* friends, but they're the kind that don't get offended if I don't call them every day/week/month/year, and no matter how long it's been, we can pick up again.
    My husband is my best friend, and he's the person I want to do everything with, and think of first and foremost when I think of something we can do. He's good company, and we're kinda two peas in a pod. Very similar - agree on basically everything, and share the same views. I even think we looked the same when we were kids ( because I was MADE TO LOOK LIKE A BOY ! .. ahem.. )

    I have been stalked twice in my life, and I didn't like it either time.
    The first time was by a creepy High School boy when I was living in the States. He'd corner me after school and at breaks, in the halls, and harrass me to take a ride home with him ( he lived on the property next to me ) and would say weird things that just made me feel uncomfortable.
    Once he gave me a Victoria's Secret lingerie catalogue, ( or maybe it was more suggestive, I can't remember besides thinking "this is really creepy" ).

    I started varying my routine and clinging to other g/fs, cutting last class, loitering on school grounds until he'd finally think i'd left, staying at girlfriend's houses. It took a lot of effort to avoid him, and it was awful.

    Later I found out his whole family were really weird, and the family I was living with didn't like them and avoided them too. I also found out he used to creep out of his house at night and peek through my bedroom windows. Very disturbing :(

    Because of my propensity to attract weirdos, and because I watch too many "Psychic Investigators" type shows.. I am always varying my routine, and am wary with strangers and revealing too much about myself ( says she doing a very personal meme ). We have a silent telephone number, and I don't like that stupid sales technique of 'people love to talk about themselves, ask them lots of questions'.
    Because if you start asking me a lot of questions, i'm backing away now. I'm very guarded, and I resent the intrusion.

    I'm not much into family ( despite my penchant for Brady-Bunch Ideals ). I just like hanging out with my little family, and don't feel much of a need or desire to mingle with the extendeds.
    Neither I or my husband feel we have much in common with our families, and we know they think we're odd too.
    I just feel that with everything in the world so rushed and compromised ( timewise ), that if there's a spare moment to be found, i'd rather not be doing duty-visits, i'd rather be hanging out with my husband and little boy - either working in the yard ( I love yard work ), or going out and doing something.
    I just really, really, really like the company and fit of the 3 of us. They are my favourite days.

    I loooooooooooooooove a wedding !!
    On Saturday nights, my husband usually works late, and I watch back-to-back "Bridezillas" and "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" shows on Arena until he comes home. Going back to Pt. No.1, I also love wedding food, and just the whole production - pretty flowers, pretty bride, lovely colours, fabrics, textures, views. A laugh, a wine, a dance, a chance to do yourself up a bit and frock up. And all you have to do is rock up with a giftie. Oh yeah.
    Oh, and on weddings, these are OTHER PEOPLE's weddings. Where you are a GUEST :)

    I think nearly everyone has done this meme, so again, I leave you untagged.
    If you'd like to reveal 8 random things about yourself though, i'd love to read it ....


    Suse said...

    I shop like a boy and throw like a girl.

    You are such a homebody! I thought I was the biggest homebody around but you seem more glamorous than that. (It's 12.30 and I'm still in my jarmies ... and so are all three boys.)

    Em said...

    I know why people ask you questions... because you are so intriguing! :)

    h&b said...

    Suse - about the time you wrote that, we were getting dressed and out of jammies ....

    I could probably write another 8 randoms on my homebody-ness :)

    em - you're allowed to say 'weird' ;p

    Stomper Girl said...

    I'm like you on #1. I've read all about the good restaurants in Epicure but I haven't eaten there.

    I lost my shopping mojo when we were really tight for money. I'm very out of practice but the number of gift vouchers I received for my birthday means I hope to get my groove back.

    I always feel good about the way that you're so happy with your family of 3. I like it when people have smelled the roses in their lives.

    But extended families should occasionally be put to good use for babysitting while you re-ignite your passion for fine dining!!

    dancing morgan mouse said...

    I think the homebody thing just happens to people sometimes - I recall reading somewhere that things like NYE parties, night clubs and the like, just slowly become blerg.
    And I'm so with you on the family thing, the extended are ok but, pfft, take it or leave it, we've not much in common.

    Melody said...

    We've a bit in common, you and I. In terms of the 3 of us type of thing. I'm always happy to do things when it is just the 3 of us. I'm not one for going out either (been there, done that, but not in a big way when I was!) We also don't 'dig' hanging with our family. Sometimes it is nice to be 3000k's away from them. I couldn't stand seeng my folks each day. (You know what I mean!)

    Hey, thanks for the advice re:titles - it worked! Yay.

    I too have been tagged a couple of times to do this meme. I'll get around to doing it soon...

    VictoriaE said...

    Thank you for sharing all that information, it is very interesting. You do sort of have a lot of blog-friends.
    So much happening on Home and Away, and someone told me Sallys sulky fella is leaving, and Kim and Rachel broke up.. and those awesome amish-type new kids ...its all to much.. I hope Rachel stays.

    Lazy cow said...

    I'm more of a homebody as the years go by. There's been only one day where we've been out of pjs before noon these holidays too.
    However, I LOVE going out with my girlfriends. My husband hates eating out, so the girls are who I do that with.

    joanne said...

    I was also made to look like a boy as a child - I was only allowed to grow my hair when I was 13 - apparently my face was too small - gee no issues from that experience young lad!!!!!

    jorth said...

    Oooh, I love dining out. Just like you, I appreciate it so much more now, because it only happens once a FRIGGING YEAR!

    I'm a bad shopper, too. I walk into a shop, do my 6 second scan, and if nothing catches my eye, that's it, I'm out!

    And as for other people's weddings - I'm so there. No hassle for me at all, especially when I get fed, watered and can have a dance. Bliss!

    nutmeg said...

    #1. Just started getting back into this and make a monthly booking with the babysitter so it HAPPENS!
    #2. Lived in a caravan while my father built our house.
    #3. I'm not a good telephone caller/catcher-upperer. I rather see someone face to face - preferably at home (or I can do a cafe if I'm sans kids!)
    #4. I was mistaken for a boy in my early teens and I had a short haircut my mum insisted on. Never had short hair since. Enough said.
    #5. I've had several weird experiences with guys who "like" redheads. Nearly led me to dying it.
    #6. I'm always suspicious of people asking me questions because I think "...are you kidding, you're interested in me? What's the alterior motive here?"
    #7. Mr J's family - eerrghhh. My family - too varied to discuss!
    #8. I don't much like weddings. Well, we had to part ways somewhere didn't we?

    Sorry to high jack your meme. There was just too many things to say!

    Fairlie said...

    I love weddings too - all that drama and spectacle. I especially like OTT ones...

    "Bridezillas" and "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" sound so good I could be tempted to get Foxtel just for them!

    Janet said...

    you are a good sport h&b! And so interesting to boot. I also love a good restaurant, especially if someone who knows their wines chooses a noice red, and maybe something sweet with dessert. And not driving home. Unfortunately this just does not happen with G as he whinges and complains about the price and the quality and then says I cook better which may well be a compliment BUT.

    It's so lovely that you enjoy your little family so much... And isn't it curious that lots of us bloggy sorts don't like shopping much?

    Cosy said...

    Oh, I agree! I'm such a homebody too. I'd avoid the extendeds if I could; successfully avoid the extended-extendeds. The immediates are enough for anybody. I'd much rather stay home with J anytime. He and shop like girls. And I look like a girl.

    You write a damn interesting meme for a non-memer!

    telfair said...

    I am so with you on girlfriends, and being a one-friend girl. Girls get exasperated with me because I hate talking on the phone and as a result am terrible about calling people back.

    I'd much rather be a homebody like you & Suse. :)

    Tracy said...

    Thanks for sharing, although I liked your rant also. :) I am totally with you on #6, I hate that sales technique!

    muser said...

    We are alike on numbers 3 and 7. Interesting 8 things. :)

    crafty said...

    My favourite outing is the same as yours, but I do love shopping, as long as I am on my own (not with a friend)and definitely no kids, and preferably in an op shop with lots of stuff to trawl through...
    And I'm with you on the boy hair...

    meggie said...

    That is an interesting list. I see why you agreed with me, on the 'close but not too close'.
    Just have one really best friend, & most of my better friends have been males.

    Wes said...

    A very interesting meme, especially for someone who doesn't normally do them (I'm the same!)
    I've had a spate of weddings lately, which has been weird after having a number of years with none. It must be the whole "second phase" deal!

    Damselfly said...

    Stalking, yikes! No wonder you like to stay home, hee hee! ;)

    Jo said...

    I miss fine dining too. We sometimes go to I Carusi in st kilda for pizza (I know its nothing like fine dining with your partner) but its great for kids, is relatively cheap and has a really fun atmosphere. And they have a chocolate calzone dessert that could not be topped by any top end restaurant

    Joke said...

    If it's any consolation, I think I shop like a girl.


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