Friday, July 06, 2007

    Stolen Meme

    I don't do them really.

    I tried once, and I felt all funny and compromised and weird and stuff.
    And I know people have tagged me for them, so I apologise - I always noted them and *planned* to do them, but i'd read others, and they'd either do it better, or say what I was going to say ( only better ).

    Also, all the interesting stuff about me is stuff that is probably more "OMG !!!" than interesting. Car-wreck stuff, that i'd rather the world didn't know.

    I prefer the self-made version of myself. I grew up in a family with 2 sisters and 3 step-brothers. We had a maid, Alice, and a dog, Tiger.
    My parents wore pyjamas AT ALL TIMES in the bedroom, and my hair was pretty.


    I called my dad "Pa". We'd run down hills of daisies and wildflowers and fish in the river. ...

    I loved Michael Langdon.

    He was responsible for my secret follow-on love for "Highway to Heaven", and possibly for my love for "7th Heaven". I didn't tell any of the other kids at school I watched them.

    I just love shows where families are happy and work it all out in a calm and considered environment. With caring, a bit of a message, and a promise to do better, try harder. Kids are genuinely sorry, parents genuinely forgiving ( with a ruffle of the hair )


    Anyway, I have no idea what made me type all that.
    My husband is watching football on the tele and the son is asleep. I stole a meme from Craftymum, as it seemed interesting.

    It's to do with b'days, but as mine is a while away, i'm hardly one to wait:

    The rules are that you go to Wikipedia and type in your date of birth without the year. From the results of that search, you're supposed to list two birthdays, three events and one holiday that are of interest.

    I'm not good at rules, so I just grabbed stuff that took my interest:

    0121 - Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor - hey, wasn't he in "Gladiator" ?!
    1798 - Eugène Delacroix, French painter - I studied him in Art History, and you can say "Delacroix" like Edie says "Lacroix", with a bottle of bubbly and some dahlings, dahling.
    1960- Roger Taylor, English musician - Duran Duran. Say no more.

    1564 - Shakespeare was christened. I've been to his house and it was really cool.
    1986 - In Ukraine, a nuclear reactor accident occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, creating the world's worst nuclear disaster.
    Not so good.

    Holidays and observances-
    World Intellectual Property Day (since 2001). How appropriate. Please do not steal my memories of kitsch American TV shows to use as your own.

    I tag no-one, as i'd be sad if they didn't succumb to my all-powerful authority, like they didn't the first and only time I tagged people ( and felt bad about it later )


    Stomper Girl said...

    I always wish my Dad Happy Intellectual Property Day because he's a specialist in that area and also because I am righteous about it, having had my choreography stolen by a complete tap-slag. *ahem*

    I loved the Brady Bunch stuff - very, very funny. Especially the pyjamas all the time. But ...It's so cold here in Melbourne, I'm wearing mine every night!! Not Fixit, though. Just so you know. It's not all clean-cut at our house.

    joanne said...

    I think I like 7th heaven also...maybe...oh ok..just a bit

    velcro said...

    I share my birthday with someone called Drusilla.
    Moscow burned
    Someone called Sugar Ray beat someone else in a boxing match?
    and something about a hurricane.

    Nothing absolutely nothing in Wikipedia about me being born. Pah!

    (I loved Little House too as a kid)

    slap me happy said...

    laughed out loud at this as I just bought the box sets of little house on the prairie lol. For my mum in the UK, we grew up on that stuff. Not a bad way to start though lol

    Lazy cow said...

    Never wanted to be one of the Bradys. Six kids and one bathroom? Ugh. Have been in my jarmies till 2pm nearly every day these holidays though :-)
    I don't really do memes either, but have been tagged for one and am in an agony of indecision about whether to do it or not.

    Janet said...

    I came over to tag you, but then I read this, so don't worry.... I'm going to leave your name up because I can't think of anyone else to tag and I was determined to tag and I'm running late. Anyway, I think you've actually just done it in your introduction yes?.

    I might do the wikepedia one next week, methinks.

    ps I think you write really good, interesting memeish stuff as it is which is why I thought to tag you in the first place.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    ooh that was fun.

    meggie said...

    I quite like the memes. I might try this one H & B.
    I tagged people a while ago, & got ignored too. Put me back in my insginificant place! haha. I have just had wonderful response from the latest tags though, so perhaps it was a better meme?

    CelloBella said...

    As you've noticed I've done your meme - how weird that we have a Duran Duran connection! And then last night I caught "Hungry Like a Wolf" on Rage... Spookier and spookier...

    So we've covered off Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor, now all we need to do is find people who share birthdays with Andy and John Taylor and Nick Rhodes - Feb 16, June 20 and June 8 and we have a full set.

    A full set of what is the question.

    muser said...

    I totally LOVE Seventh Heaven. I don't know why as I'm the anti-Christian in alot of ways. I think I love the approaches to parenting nightmares when dealing with teens. I'll always remember how RevCam dealt with Mary and her spliff. It's filed for later when I need to convince my kids not to smoke pot. lol.

    Muzbot said...

    Duran Duran were just the best... although I didn't think that at the time... I have such poor taste...

    Sarah Nopp said...

    Your meme made me smile, so I did one too. I had to dig around a bit for a holiday too, but I like yours better!

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