Wednesday, July 04, 2007


    I really wanted to call this entry something like "Too Many C*cks",
    but then i'd be inviting an element of reader i'm not really interested in atttracting.

    Still, pronouncing 'clock' without the "l" as a certain 3yr old does, can be quite amusing ...

    It all started yesterday when in a homewares store looking for a cookie cutter ( purchased: $2 ), I noticed the most coolest clock on sale at a very cool price.
    We're very interested in telling the time here at the moment, so I thought 'hey! - a 2nd wallclock is an investment' .. and thus, it came home with me.

    Red. Shiny.

    I probably had cocks, er clocks on the brain anyway, as we were on our way home from the $2 Shop ( my home away from home ) where i'd picked up plastic plates and some stick-on letters and numerals.
    I was going to make a 'bedtime clock' to assist the Master in negotiating and recognising his bedtime. Which I did, instead of making dinner.

    ( yes, he has a late bedtime - but we're trying to wind it back gradually. He's not much into sleep, like his mother, and I still resent having an 8.30pm bedtime IN YEAR 12, the same as my sister IN GRADE 6 !! .. ahem ...)


    But I was sprung having fun, and so we now have 6 new clocks
    in the house. I know people have suggested careers for my boy
    such as 'artist', 'hairdresser', 'doctor' etc .. but i'm thinking
    'assembly line worker'. Man, can that kid go.

    Anyway, i'd better go do some stuff, it being 'W o'clock' and all ...


    Melody said...

    Great clocks! All 3 of 'em. Late bedtimes for little ones are a pain aren't they? As Monet doens't nap during the day (maybe one a fortnight she might) she is fast asleep by 8pm after being awake since 7am. If she does nap she won't be asleep till until 9:30-10pm, or even up till 11 and that does my head in!

    h&b said...

    We don't have naps either - he's just the energiser bunny ;)

    We wake at about 8.30am though, and he likes to go until about 10.30pm if we'd let him.

    We're all night owls, so it doesn't bother me ... he's not annoying. Just sits on the couch and reads his books :)

    Damselfly said...

    W o'clock, hee hee! I think that's a fine substitute for making dinner. You scored some good $2 stuff!

    Gina said...

    "Being 'W' O'clock and all." Love it.
    I fear I'll turn into one of those moms whose kids must be in bed strictly at 'x'. Right now the time is eight because my evening down time is golden. Relax, right? But see the thing is, mine would so completely NOT be sitting on the couch reading. Which is precious.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Nice red shiny c#ck! And the home-made ones are fantastic too.

    How on earth did your folks get a year 12 girl into bed at 8.30??? I'm sure I just shut myself in my bedroom and listened to the radio er did my 'homework'.

    h&b said...

    yes, Stomper, that's what I did too, yet my heart was full of hate and more head-time was spent on daydreaming of a new life and running away than homework, i'm sure ;)

    meggie said...

    Nice going on the timepiece!
    Hmmm sitting reading. Not SG, but he is so busy all day, he is ready for bed by 7.30, which is good for his mother!

    glorydaze said...

    You think that's unfair... my 9 year old is absolutely fuming when I send her to bed at 8.30 while Mr 6 month old parties on until all hours (well 10ish anyway). Especially after being constantly reminded when I was pregnant that there are sooo many benefits of being the older child.
    "That is SO not fair!"

    Joke said...

    Are you trying to readjust your blog's rating?


    VictoriaE said...

    I am a big fan of the $2 shop. One set up in our town last year - called "Shoppers Delight" - everyone prophesied it would fail because town too small for enough customers, but every time we need anything it can be found at Shoppers Delight, so it is a raging success.
    I'm so turning the clock forward an hour tonight to get rid of the kids early..

    Tamara said...

    I love that red clock. We used to have late nights and late mornings too, until the school routine kicked in. Enjoy the "free time"

    My float said...

    Those clocks are a great idea. And isn't he prolific? I love W o clock, it's my favourite time of the day.

    Sleep isn't really a priority in this household. But clearly it's agreeing with Master h&b, given his talents in the creative department.

    tommiea said...

    Those are precious! I might have to do that to help mine go to bed on time! Mine are early to bed since we have to be out the door early.

    crafty said...

    You big sisters, so full of bitterness!;)
    I had to go to bed an hour earlier than everyone else (7.30pm)even though the age gap was only 3 and 2 years. I still have odd one out issues. Nice clocks.
    We had A Tale of Mischief too, only I loved the illustrations, and still do. I endeavor to get my kids in bed by 7pm every night. They don't necessarily go to sleep (ha ha) but by that time I can't stand the sight of them.

    h&b said...

    joke - it does play on my mind. I mean, "G" .. that's so wishy-washy .. but i'm still finding it very hard to say naughty words..

    crafty - yes, I do get a bit bitter and twisted over the 'unfairness' of childhood. As a parent, i'm the type of kid that would have annoyed me ....

    Wes said...

    That is so awesome. I love how creative you are! Don't worry too much about the late bedtimes, we suffer the same fate in our household.

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