Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Ugh !

    It's a beautiful sunny day and I feel chained to dirty clothes and a compulsion to weed and disgorge rocks, because we have a skip to fill.

    I just want to shower and wash my hair, put something nice on, vaccuum up all the dried mud from yesterday that has been tracked through the house, and maybe go for a walk in the sun.

    But AB will be home again tomorrow, and it will probably rain, so there'll be mud and dirt again.

    I can't believe i'm 'over it' so soon. I'm usually so gung-ho.

    Tried taking some fancy-pants shots with the new cam, and I just HATE not having a viewfinder for the eye. It's so wrong ! And my pics ( again ) look nothing like those others are taking on flickr. They don't even look as good as the ones I take on the old Canon.
    I think i'm in a poo-ey mood.

    And when I called my husband to suggest 'just freaking getting a bulldozer in, stumping the weed-trees and smashing down the fence and starting all over again' because i'm sick of the Camphor tree regenerating from sub-terranean roots ALL over the front yard, I found he was in the car, on the way to the footy. Not at work.

    So I think I might have that shower after all and call it a day. At 2pm.

    So i'm torn between tedious weeding by hand, tedious hand-poisoning camphor shoots, and stomping the ground down by foot, laying grass seed and hoping it will look 'ok' long enough to buy more time and savings ( $$ ), or throwing the baby out with the bathwater ( ie: half our lawn is nice winter grass, which looks ok ) and hiring in people to make the lawn a mud-and-mess bath... This would also mean tearing up all our ugly existing trees, leaving us exposed and naked to the street, and there's a bottlebrush I enjoy watching the birds feed from.

    Then we'd get a new front fence, gate, driveway, garden, and the works, in that order. Exxy.

    I probably should get back to weeding......


    Janet said...

    I say nuke the weed trees and be done with it (keeping any nice trees). Then you won't have to spend all your gardening time eradicating the shoots. That's what I'd do if it were my garden. Grass would grow back pretty quickly at the moment.

    Stomper Girl said...

    If you're feeling over it, you should definitely call a halt and have a cuppa. That's as far as my advice goes. No gardening wisdom from me.

    Fairlie said...

    Can't offer much gardening advice either, I'm afraid. Other than - install surveillence cameras, electric fences and a snarling guard dog if you're planning on putting any decent plants in! Can you tell I'm still bitter about half our garden being stolen?

    A shower, followed by a nice cup of tea (or something stronger) sounds like a good plan to me!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I say poison the bad trees, keep the nice ones, throw some grass seed about and have a glass of nice red, sit in the window and watch the grass grow.

    Melody said...

    Hmm... What peed me off the most about this post was that your hubby was going to the footy and you thought he was at work!! That would have really gotten my goat if I was you.

    meggie said...

    I am glad I dont fret over the garden any more. Have a good rest. Enjoy yourself with Master B.

    h&b said...

    Janet - unfortunately all the trees are either weeds, or so neglected, we're better off starting again. Also, we discovered the root system is so invasive today, we're going to have to go the baby and bathwater route. I'm taking cuttings of anything nice, and will have to dig up all my annual bulbs, which I love.

    Fairlie - lol. i'm sorry, but that was awful what happened at your place. Yes, the electric fence and dog are definately going in before the garden ;)

    Melody - apparently I knew and was told about this 'ages ago' .. hmmm ;)

    Meggie - you liar, I know you fret, as the GOM gets in there and wrecks stuff ;)

    joanne said...

    weeds galore at my place - after we ruined beautiful garden of old owners - not a bad effort in 3 months. Hence no advice on gardening from me although if Hubby was going to footy I'd be going shopping or watching foxtel with timtams!

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