Saturday, May 06, 2006

    I Want to Move..

    I am ready.

    Still 4 weeks to go, and I have a head full of plans, ideas, thoughts and things I want to action.
    Yet I am on 'standby'.

    AB & I went to a Reece Bathroom Showroom yesterday, where we looked at $10k baths.
    ( I guess the High St, Armadale address should have tipped us off ). C. fell in love with one for a 'mere' $5k, and promptly tried to undress and get in .. quite funny, we thought ;)

    I have decided my new colour scheme ( ie: towels, as I try to keep fixed/expensive items neutral and accessorise with cheaper expendables ) will be in a tone best described as 'smoke' .. a mid-grey tone... something like this font colour ?
    They had some lovely ones accessorising their displays ( probably "Country Road" brand .. it didn't look like a hue i've ever seen at "Target"... )

    I haven't bought new towels in 4years, and they are starting to get ratty. They are a deep blood colour I bought for the Collingwood renovation, a traditional heritage style bathroom. This time we will go for something more modern, which will be a nice change and a bit of fun.

    Both A. & I are really looking forward to getting stuck into it and creating the home of our dreams ;)

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