Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Miners Freed, Sister Released

    Okay, so this isn't a blog about current affairs, but my sister has been down in Tassie all this time, freezing cold, with only the clothes on her back..

    She went to work last Monday ( dressed in work attire ) and they put her on a plane right away. She's been down there in the wind and cold wearing some huge guy's great coat, and had to go to Coles and charge things like knickers and a toothbrush to the company !

    Not to make light of the 2 miners stuck down a dark hole for 14 days, but when I heard of my sister biting into a raw chicken parmigiana, or not being able to find accomodation in Launceston, and having to sleep in a grotty backpackers with all of her clothes on ( including boots ) to keep warm, well, that upsets me.

    She also saw veteran 60 Minutes reporter, Richard Carleton, die right in front of her, which she said was 'pretty awful' ( ), so I think she will be glad to be boarding that plane home tonight. I'd be taking a couple of days off work to recover if I could, if I were her .....

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    augie-be-me said...

    Kudos to Kate and her commitment to the company that put her there. I hope she is able to communicate to them about her standards of care whilst 'on the job' and is remunerated in some way for her work, dedication and flexibility.

    Go Katie Go.
    Go Katie Go. (Goooo Katie)

    *Too many nicobate commercials late at night....

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