Friday, May 12, 2006

    Am I Channelling Sarah Murdoch ?

    Seven months after my son was born, Media-hunk Lachlan Murdoch, and his equally gorgeous Supermodel wife Sarah ( nee: O'Hare ) gave birth to their own Kalan. I took this as evidence of my own good taste, and obvious trend-setting skills ( natch' ).

    Anyway, Kalan was broadcast from the rooftops, bells pealed, fireworks were lit.

    Today, when catching up on some Logies News ( apparently Lley-Lley and Beccy took 5-month old Mia up on stage and brandished her like an award - oh the shock, oh the horror .. oh the .. gossip for me to read .. ), and I saw a leetle aside .. ' New Baby for Murdochs' ... huh ?

    I google - but all archives have been removed - it's like it didn't happen. A baby false alarm. Weird.
    There's still a heap on cyberspace about Kalan's birth even now .. but the only article I could find about the new bub was from an Adelaide publication ( )

    Anyway, they 'stole' one of my top shortlisted names, Aiden.
    How weird is that ?

    I wonder what's with all the secrecy though ?

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