Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Maternal & Child H.C. RANT

    Got a letter from the council last night - regarding the 2yr old checkup. It's all negative, which matches my experiences there:

    "Dear Parent

    You are invited to attend the Maternal & Child Health Centre for your child's 2 year old Maternal & Child Health Program visit.

    As your child has reached his/her second birthday you may be experiencing the
    challenges of toddlerhood: difficulties with diet; managing tantrums; and general limit setting can become issues at this time. "

    Blah blah blah, please book, yours sincerely etc.


    So my question is: Where Is The Love ?
    Where's the happiness ?

    Every time I step foot in that goddamn centre, i'm doing something wrong, or eyed like perhaps i'm lying/hiding the truth about my son's wild tantrums or the fact that I just can't cope and am ready to slash my wrists. These women prey on the general happiness of others, IMO, and refuse to believe that anyone could possibly be happy and well-adjusted, and that their child is perfectly happy/healthy/normal for the experience.


    At Mother's Group last week, one of our mums has just had her 2nd and was talking about being back in the system, so to speak. She still recalled bitterly the damning question "How serious are you about breastfeeding?" when she mistakenly ( obviously ) revealed the odd bottle of formula she was feeding her firstborn at the time.

    My Mother's Group is not full of stupid or naiive women. Yet this was how we were all collectively treated ( notes only compared later, away from the centre meets, in the comfort of our own homes ). All were shocked to learn they were not the only one made to feel stupid, inadequate, irresponsible, and totally unworthy of being a good mother.

    Yet in the newspapers and the weekend magazine, I continually read about the Witches' Coven that is the Mother's Group. Apparently aggressively unsupportive ego-centric women only attend to belittle others and let you know how superior their own is. Well, in my experience, this is crap. The only belittling is done at the Maternal & Child Health Centre.

    I wonder if I have a 2nd child, and if I refuse to go ( unless I feel it is needed ), if I will be reported to some Child Abuse Authority ? I seriously feel I have got nothing out of my first experience, besides heavy feelings of self-doubt, which I do not care to repeat.

    Hmm - anyway, rant over.
    Having a 2yr old is a delightful experience, full of amusing moments and much laughter and happiness. I see no evidence of this in their letter ..only the fact I am living with a miniature ogre. .... and they wonder why i'm not interested .. *sheesh* !

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