Monday, May 01, 2006

    My Green Chairs

    When I was working in Blackburn, there was this little Op Shop at the end of the street. Occasionally, I would walk up there and browse around.

    One day, out of sheer luck, it appeared a deceased estate had been bought. We had little furniture at the time and there were these chairs and a dresser I just couldn't live without ( at a fraction of a new item price ). Actually, there was also a retro dressing table too, but the budget didn't stretch, and I still regret not getting it :)

    ANYWAY, this was like 7yrs ago.
    Today, I noticed a maker's mark under the chairs. Wow, could my lovely chairs be worth moolah ? Could I have picked up gold for the price of brass ? I'm so excited, but a quick Google reveals nothing as yet ...

    They are marked

    P P
    23 10 51

    This is stamped into the wood, with what looks like an old-fashioned metal stamp thing that you hit with a hammer.

    So I am guessing a makers' mark and the date of the chair's manufacture.

    ( P.S. - Yesterday was good, I now have a whole swag of updated makeup and will be chucking out all the old stuff. Had to remove a fair bit off before I left the store though - a bit too heavy/dragqueen for midday surburban shopping centre .... was a nice treat though, and i'm happy with the recommended items )

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    Aunty Evil said...

    I have absolutely no idea, but it is a really beautiful chair!!!!!

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