Sunday, May 28, 2006

    Final Inspections..

    Walked past the new place ( as we do ) and saw they were moving out.
    So it looks like it will be empty when we do our final inspection.

    The lady that bought our house is coming in for her final inspection on Thursday, and i'm planning on leaving out a bottle of champers ( okay then, a nice Sparkling Wine that's on special ) and a 'welcome' card. This will hopefully be thought of as a "nice thing to do", but it's also my sweetener strategy in case she finds fault with something and wants to complain. ( I am very nervous about this, because I worry, possibly needlessly, about such things )

    Funny that I worry as I am totally expecting to walk into rank & filth that will need cleaning and fixing in OUR new place. Oh well ... better a nice surprise than to end up a blubbering mess because it's not perfect ..

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