Monday, May 29, 2006

    Not Helping .. Hindering..

    Only 3 'real' days to go and i'm cleaning .. packing.. C. is watching "Oswald" on the tele .. something is amiss .. too quiet .. too ...

    I pause and look in the lounge. Nobody.
    His room: vacant, the bathroom: empty.

    The door to my bedroom is closed. I open it and see a small figure in the curtains.
    The small figure is drawing all over the window sills in thick black permanent marker.

    Ohmigodohmigodohmigod !!
    Lucky for a bottle of "Goo Remover" someone suggested to me recently, and the ink hasn't had time to seep into the paint. It comes off cleanly.

    I survey the room and notice some packing boxes have also been graffiti'ed.

    I was lucky .. very very lucky ... if he got the wall .. the carpet, I would have been doomed.

    In other news, my missing earring turned up in my knickers drawer .. and in case you're wondering .. no, the knickers that went missing over our OFI's never did turn up .. yukki..

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