Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    Been a Long Time..

    All over the shop - busy, crazy, happy, exciting times.

    Telstra cut off the old house early, and mixed up our reconnection here ( upshot of this: they waived all transfer fees, yay ), so i've been without any contact now for a week - our Voip phone relies on an internet connection, and my mobile phone died. Crazy.

    So we moved house and all is good, better, great.
    C. starred in his own cartoon on Nick.Jnr, and we found out totally by accident ( they advised us via email - which was down ). Lucky we'd got our cable tv reconnected on the Saturday and just happened to be watching on the Monday morning when ( jaw drop ) there's my son on the tele !! Soooo gorgeous !!

    So I don't know where to start - so many pics, so much stuff.

    All is good though. Love the house. 'Tis brill.

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