Friday, May 26, 2006

    1 Week Until Moving Day

    And we've been keeping pretty busy ... birthdays and playdates and playgroup and Mother's Group and dentists and haircuts...

    Everything is basically boxed up and ready to go. I have cleaned all the kitchen cupboards ( everything we need to eat or eat off is all being kept in the pantry ). The fridge is empty, the oven scrubbed.

    Wednesday will be my own personal 'day of completion'. It will be the last meal, the last load of washing. Everything will be packed except for a change of clothes for 2 days. Bundle the cats off to the vets for a couple of days so I don't have to contend with gross kitty litter or gungy bowls of food. The laundry can then be completely emptied and sparkle-arkled. Takeaway dinner on the Thursday night, removalists here bright & early on the Friday morning.

    and we'll be gone, outta here. Depleted, departed, excited.

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