Monday, February 13, 2006


    This morning C. and I walked to the paint shop and got all the fixin's for the house - touch up paint to go over the filled plaster cracks in the lounge, a new coat of paint for the foot-worn front porch and steps..

    C. was desperate for a drive in the car when we got home ( his new obsession, although of course, he prefers the driver's seat ), so we bundled off to Freedom. I had to replace the table runner *someone* ( not me ) drew on with thick permanent marker, and was looking for replacement lampshades for our bedroom.

    We got these lovely 'heart shaped' lamps as a wedding gift 10yrs ago, but the shades were looking a little worse for wear. Mine looked to have a coffee stain on it ( huh ? ), so I got these ones pictured. They are in an olive-y colour which matches the rest of my bedroom decor, and weren't too exxy, so yay us !

    AB tells me C's new bed arrives tonight, so i'm busy packing up the study, clearing out & making room.

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