Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Dazzling Street Appeal !

    Apparently the 'Forthcoming Auction' sign goes up this week, so we got to work on 'frontage' today. We really do not want prospective buyers to see us filling gaping holes in weatherboards with putty once we start advertising "look at us, we're beautiful" !!

    I swear, using the Karcher ( high pressured hose thingy ) on the picket fence took nearly all day - looks great though, and the roses got the leftover juice, so no waste there. A *disgusting* amount of black crap & dirt came off the house. Again, I ask, why do we pretty up to sell, but apparantly are happy to live in a crud-encrusted house ??!?! Ugh. Anyway.

    Lunchtime, we took a break and headed out to get a crappy cheap outdoor light to replace the one we smashed to smithereens recently ( trying to replace the globe ).
    It suits the house, it's cheap, whatever.

    Finished up the day replacing all the pinebark/mulch out the front ( frontage, Frontage, FRONTAGE ! ), and taking samples of paint chips we blew off the building with the high pressured hose. Funny enough, I still had some sample pots leftover from Collingwood, and one of them matched one of the samples exactly! Cheapos-R-US. Goodly.

    I feel a bit bad as AB did most of this work, and this was his day off, and he worked like a dog.
    I just hope the extra effort is worth it $$ wise when we sell. I think we'll do ok...

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