Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Separation of Church & State..

    This morning AB took the boy for a walk to Coles ( right by our Playgroup meeting hall in the Baptist Church ), and the boy cried and had a tizzy on the footpath when he wasn't allowed to go in and play. I bet God was smiling :)

    We don't walk past our friend D's house anymore for the same reason, but we gotta eat !

    In other news, I was reading the "Melbourne Magazine" from The Age, and an article called "The Zone", about parents who lie and cheat to pretend they are living places they are not, to get their kids into public schools that are as good as the top private schools, but for the cheaper pricetag. Our local Secondary College was listed. You always see listings here touting "*** Secondary College Zone", but I guess I still am oblivious to the competition of the city after all these years.

    Where I came from, there was only one High School, and you went to it. End of story.

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