Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Little things

    Yesterday I pulled some weeds, and shaped/trimmed my agapantha. Today, i'm cleaning inside windows with rags and Windex. They look great, but it's a bit of an annoying job, as I know when we Karcher (TM ) the house, bits of loose dirt and water will get inside the sills and render my work useless and i'll have to do it all over.

    Still, there's not a whole lot I can do at the moment. AB still hasn't finished the bathroom due to long hours at work, so I can't regrout in there until he's done. I've stripped the oven and cooktop, including the overhead vent thingie, and they're in the dishwasher right now, along with the sucky air-vent thingy from the bathroom. Does anyone even look at this stuff when buying a house ? I dunno, but it makes me feel better to tend to it.

    What can be boxed up is boxed up.. what else ??

    Um, our Lawnmowing Man is MIA, and the lawn is shabby. I also want him to shape some of the bigger shrubs etc that might have spidies in them, so I don't want to touch them .. I hope he comes early next week as I either lost or packed away his phone number, and it seems he's not listed with Tel$tra. d'oh. With my luck, he'll come on Monday morn when i'm at Playgroup ( but at least the lawn will be done .. )

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    mins*cottage said...

    No one's commented on your writing yet, so I will. Clean on, McDuff!

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