Sunday, February 08, 2015

    Happy New Year, 2015 Style!


    I had a very lovely holiday break, I hope you did too!

    A bit behind on the blogging ( hmm .. nothing since last October - ah yes, the kinder/ 
    end of year gigantic rush! ), so here's a couple of gorgeous house I photographed in
    Adelaide last year..

    House Tour #3:
    ( Architect designed in 1974, this house is both unique and fabulous,
       and you can see it up on Apartment Therapy )

    Adelaide Architecture: House Tour #3

    Aaaannnnndd... House Tour #4 .. The Sweet Petite home of Brown Button Trading
    ( again, a feature for Apartment Therapy)

    Lots more in store for 2015 .. I spent my break re-branding and re-jigging the business to make
    it work better for both me AND those that hire me.

    Cleaned out the garage ( kinda ) and sold stuff leftover from the reno or never used etc ..
    still more to go.  Played with paint colours ( our house is a minty-white which we hate,
    but you know, we like to get it right .. )

    Did some SHOPPING.  ALONE.  OMG!  I tell people I hate shopping ( really, I dont - 
    but shopping centres slay me - too many people, too many shops ), but I dumped the kids
    for the first time AND had no work ( really?  A day?  Just for me? ) and hit my two fave
    dreamy shopping destinations .. Bunnings ( ok, so any nursery will do really, i'm a sucker
    for plants ), and then a homewares store ( in this case, Freedom, on the way home, where
    they were having a sale, and OMG, the euphoria!! )

    I love getting in there and deciding which plant to love, googling the scientific name
    and hmming and haaaing over will I/wont I ?  Then I stared at a woven throw rug in Freedom
    for mm, 12 minutes? Just staring, feeling, thinking.  Wandered off to look as some baskets
    and chairs and wandered back to stare and think some more.. perused ALL.THE.THINGS!

    And went home happy.  That day alone simply made my holidays!

    Now the kids are back in school and there's work to do .. returning calls ..
    meeting deadlines .. so not ready .. *sigh*


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