Sunday, July 12, 2015


    I've been busy!

    I find myself running around town mumbling this under my breath like a mantra:

    Trying to remember all the places I have to be, all these things I need to do,
    all the promises I have to keep..

    In the meantime I missed telling you about...
    ... An Excellent Adventure in Melbourne Town:

    A photo posted by Leanne (@hbfotografic) on

    and a Shining Jewel by the Beach:

    A photo posted by Leanne (@hbfotografic) on

    There's also been another two tours, a trip to Japan and more kinders than I can blow
    raspberries at .. plus corporate work and all.the.things.

    ( I started writing this blog post months ago and never finished it O_o ! )

    I did mention on my Facebook Page that I am totes booked out this year and have been
    referring people onto trusted colleagues, but i've been neglecting this space, so there it is.

    I'm bone-tired and have my sights set on 2016. Because this year? Gone. Bye. Hasta.

    One day .. hopefully soon ... everything will align and run smoothly and money will just
    magically appear for minimal effort.

    But, for now, just heavy slog with dubious re compensations :)


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