Tuesday, April 09, 2013


    I mocked this up in Photoshop last night, using an i-phone pic of the stacked tiles,
    a jpg of the cement pendants, and a rather careless blob of grey in place of the stainless
    steel under-bench kicker.

    Probably could have tried a bit harder there.

    Also threw in the exact oven/stovetop ( it's a freestanding all-in-one job ) and a tap
    that looks like the tap I bought.

    Double Denim?

    The problem?

    Wellllll .. it's hard to tell here .. but is there enough lift?

    Friends on facebook suggested black pendants, but I am sooo in love with these. 
    I also think the stacked tile suits the great expanse of splashback there.

    ( 10 minutes later - blogging in real time, folks )


    Ok, so added some "stuff" .. perhaps I can break up the splashback by adding a couple of shelves.
    Pretty impractical for herbs, but I like the green.

    But I do NOT like the brushed steel.  It's very .. disco ... hmm ...  I think  it would be darker
    than this??


    Finally, above, I *LIKE* this .. BUT .. I think the splashback is DARKER, hence, do I need
    the pendants to be darker??  Secondly, these pendants do NOT come in a darker shade,
    which means a shop return and buying something else in black.  Which I don't want to do
    ( because these are soooo beautiful ).

    I like the darker kicker....

    You'd think i'd actually think about stuff BEFORE building a kitchen, huh?

    Suggestions, and stockist advice most appreciated!!



    h+b said...

    it's been suggested the kicker might be too dark?

    So I threw in some stools here to show how that might look too:

    In The Night Sky said...

    I wouldn't swap the pendants for black ones, the grey ones are gorg! I like the first picture too with the grey on grey - would you consider adding in some copper or gold tones somewhere? I know it's not everybody's cup of tea and might sound odd, but I've seen some really beautiful rooms which have copper/gold paired with grey and white ;)

    Anonymous said...

    last photo all great except keep your concrete lights....unless you are a total minimalist you are sure to have stuff about on the benches anyhow,to add colour no ? !

    little miss olive said...

    it's difficult because everyone's taste is so different. i think you need to go with your gut.

    but in saying that, i like the first one the best...because that's my colour palate. and then you'd add touches of colour to lift...or change. i think going black for the pendants isn't a change for the better -- but again, that's just me. i like lighter kitchens as opposed to darker ones.

    good luck!!

    muser said...

    I'm not a fan of the dark kicker, either, but I am zero help. The lights are lovely, though. don't go changin'. I did want to ask about your oven. What do you like about freestanding over the built-in option? I've always liked the look of the freestanding but a lady in a kitchen store said to me once that people bitch about having to sweep under it.

    Shannon said...

    Id go bright kicker that you can repaint when you are over it, they get so dirty anyway. I am not a fan of the stainless steel you see. I wouldnt worry about it looking too grey or white or whatever, there will be enough stuff everywhere else to brighten it up.

    K-L said...

    Lea is the floor timber? Ive seen some amazing kitchens where the flooring material has run up the island creating the 'kicker'. Keep the concrete is soooo obvious that you are totally in lurve with them! X kl

    B is building a house said...

    I love the last image you photoshopped!!!!


    h+b said...

    thanks guys - no closer to resolution, but every no leads me closer to a yes...

    Muser - i've built in a kicker for the stove - all I could think about was crumbs too - the feet come off and it slots right in. I've got 2 girlfriends with freestandings/no kickers and they both say cleaning is no problem. I call B/S on that ;)

    Shannon - builder said I could go kraftboard and paint it. I was under some impression you had to put laminex or something there, so i'm going with paint so I can do whatever I damn well like, and switch it up later if I hate it.

    K-L - wood is interesting.. good suggestion .. I had a play, but I think it might be too much.


    Elizabeth said...

    A black kicker with two boys?

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