Saturday, March 16, 2013

    Kitchen Tones

    So since we last talked about the kitchen, I have:

    - bought kitchen lights
    - returned kitchen lights
    - ordered new kitchen lights
    - which I will probably exchange on pickup for different kitchen lights
    - ordered a fridge
    - cancelled a fridge
    - picked a new fridge, but haven't ordered it
    - gone from oiling my floorboards, to not oiling my floorboards
    - changed the colour of my caesarstone


    Hey, and that's only the kitchen.

    Ok, so this is what's happening as of today:

    Kitchen with Caesarstone NOUGAT countertops
    White vinyl wrap cupboards with silver drawerpulls.  Same as my bathroom.
    Platinum Micro Laminex peeking through from the laundry-slash-pantry
    Beige Royal on the walls - totes boring I suppose, but we like it, and it's the colour I did in my other, finished rooms.

    Appliances you can see are stainless steel.
    Splashbacks are as-yet undetermined.
    My overhead/overbench pendants are black, which I am considering changing to silver.  A bit of an unknown until they arrive/some cabinetry goes in and I make the sparky dangle them from the ceiling for my amusement. 

    Now the underside of the island where you sit on your stools kicking the bench.  I want a contrast colour there .. which I will pickup in the splashback.  I'm thinking stainless steel ?  The sample above is something called DUROPAL, which sounds a bit like a laxative, but is more like a laminate.

    But the thing is, I don't think I want a s/steel splashback.  I could tint glass I suppose, but I actually think I prefer the texture of tile over a flat smooth surface.  I went to the tile place the other day, but I hadn't looked at the below-island laminates them, so it was an aimless browse at best.  I'm pretty sure they had some tinted glass tiles that would work

    As always, opinions and anecdotes appreciated! ...


    Anonymous said...

    brushed stainless is easier to clean then normal can have glass that has a space behind it and you can change the colour you have ,say vintage maps or the underground map or wallpaper or whatever,loving your transformation story heaps !

    K-L said...

    All your indecision...hillarious! And I definitely relate to it too! I'm not 100% sure but I think I may have seen some stainless steel look mosaics in my search for tiles for a friend's home. Modern Tiles at Erina on Central Coast. They might be worth calling and enquiring; could give you a supplier you can track down in your area? I personally think they'd be difficult to keep clean though. Good luck, x KL

    Admin said...

    I am going to google that Norma!

    I knew you could put maps etc under glass .. but being able to change it at a whim? Wow, I want to know more!!

    K-L - I have seen the S/S tiles, and i'm a bit iffy on them too .. they look a bit like .. magnets ?!?! I think the glass ones i've seen with a s/s backing tone were ok though .. unfortunately I know exactly what I would love if I SAW it, but it doesn't seem to exist, except in my imagination :)

    Lisa said...

    We have the glass splash backs and can I just say they are awesome to keep clean. No grout that gets dirty, easy to wipe down and you can get them in just about any colour.

    Anonymous said...

    have seen it in old Living Etc magazines from the U.K,sounds doable to me,maybe just need a tiny gap !...........hope you find some info .....

    Pam Bradford said...

    My opinion and anecdote fwiw....don't. get. vinylcrap. If you want to see how the vinyl wrap has fared in what is a relatively short time for a kitchen (who replaces their kitchen every decade?), just say the word and I'll send you some photos.

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