Thursday, March 07, 2013

    Gallery Space

    These pics are a little bit crunchy, but I just wanted to pump out this little mini-reveal into a space I am quite excited about.

    the Space as it is now .. and an artist's impression ( ha! ) of future space ...

     Ok .. so this is a little alcove after you come in the front door.  it used to be the kitchen, and one day, about 5years from now, it will be an open stairwell.

    I like it.  A lot. 


    The amount of  perfect going into the house bothers me somewhat - sure I love clean lines and surfaces, but i'm also drawn to the quirk - textural interest .. imperfections, flaws..

    Which, if homes are a reflection of their owners, then I think i'm pretty true to myself.

    And I dreamed of this wall.
    I trust my dreams implicitly.

    Yesterday I found these metal letters.
    Today I bought them.

    I can't tell you how happy they make me.


    Julie-Ann said...

    I love the wall too. Have you chatted to your builder? Will he be able to create the look? It would look stunning and unique:)

    Abigail said...

    I love it. I have a blank wall under my staircase crying out for something.
    Would you mind letting me know where I can get some letters?

    little miss olive said...

    love the letters! what a cool find.

    and having an exposed wall is super cool. we were thinking of doing that in the bedroom of our old house...but realised that there was going to be too much of a mess taking all the plaster off.

    you're doing it at the right time! can't wait to see what it looks like.

    Admin said...

    J-A .. the builder is cool. He kinda has to be, as it's what I want ;)


    LMO - yeah, one of the tradies was trying to turn me off with stories of dust. Yes right, because the rest of my house is dustless O_o


    B is building a house said...

    Lea, your photography is stunning!!!


    Pam Bradford said...

    Love love love love love.

    Anonymous said...

    Can I tell you how incredibly jealous of your amazing letters I am? They are gorgeous! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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