Sunday, October 21, 2012

    Room Selection :: Project LivingRoom


    I've had a lot of people asking me which room i'm going to have made over..


    For me, it's a no-brainer.
    This room is a blank canvas.

    Take away the shredded couches ( that i've "wrapped" in some baby swaddling muslin to keep the stuffing in ) .. lose the desk and my paper decoration projects .. and you could do what you like with this room.


    But it's got amazing bones and quirk to work with - like the exposed brick wall for example .. keep it or cover it?  And the walls .. throw any colour on them for an instant lift .. add an amazing rug, maybe some art .. lamps, god I love lamps..

    Lamp.  I've never thought of it before, but it sounds like a mash of 'lame' and 'damp'.  Inspiring :/


    The room itself is part of an L-shaped formation. 

    You come down a wide hallway from the kitchen and this is where we eat, live and play. 
    I work at the desk and the tele is normally on .. except for the 2 days of the week when I am childless and then there is blissful silence except for the sound of my fingers tip-tapping on the keyboard..


    I love fresh flowers in the house, and pick them from my garden.  I love to plonk them in things - old bottles and tins .. containers i've recycled from stuff i've bought or picked up from somewhere.

    Fresh flowers even in the shabbiest of spaces is always an instant pick-me-up I think .. even a bunch of weeds in a Vegemite jar, or a single stem in an old wine bottle - all good.


    I've got my own ideas for what I think would work here, but we'll have to see what happens!

    It's all very exciting.

    What do you think? 
    If you were given this room to makeover, what would you do?


    Hayley said...

    It will be great to see house the interior designer revamps this room Lea. $10K sounds like a lot of money just you could easily spend that on couches alone so hopefully she'll have some clever ideas that are also thrifty to make the money stretch as far as possible.
    Great choice of room for the makeover as you will all enjoy it and so will your friends.

    Adventures of a Crazy Mumma said...

    I cant wait to see what you end up doing with the room :)

    Julie - MOOPS and hoops said...

    Love the images, and i wannnn the chair. From a crazy chair lover! Julie Allen :-)

    h&b said...

    thanks everyone!

    And Julie - I *love* those chairs ( the mustard vinyl? I have two :) .. eBay bargains. I too am a sucker for chairs.. I once went to a chair museum.. what can I say?! :)

    Karen said...

    I'm hoping she icks up on the canvasses on the wall and works with that colour and keeps the chair and maybe recovers it... They could paint a wall in where the couches are so it defines the spaces.
    Can't wait to see what a professional does!

    Su-Yin Johns said...

    Beautiful photography as always, and you're so creative at styling that I can't imagine what's left to 'makeover'! I'd be thrilled if this was my house now! ;)

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