Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Next Door

    I've lived here for 7years, next to the Orange Monolith.

    Our lovely ( quiet! ) neighbours were from Uruguay and the only day I ever saw his wife was the day they moved out. 
    Every Monday cleaners would come and wash windows, vacuum and do cleanerly stuff.

    With two old people in a big old house I never understood how they could possibly make so much mess to warrant a professional cleaning team weekly.

    I fantasised about the Monolith. I fancied decor untouched since 1971, but of the finest European quality. Lurid things, maybe some black velvet artpieces, plastic carpet-protector walkways .. all those good things.

    They sold this year.

    And behold, it was amazing:


    Except in this neighbourhood, people have no vision ( that's how we got our house - failed at auction, we walked around with lots of sneering peeps - no vision ) .. so I was offended on behalf of my old neighbours as prices failed to rise, and people blanched at the horror of things not perfect.

    SURE it needed things done, SURE it looked like an old fashioned Pizza Hut and the garden was uncool .. but .. it was solid, and liveable .. and you do what we do, and fix it up as you go.

    Ok, so sometimes i'd like a pretty new perfect house too .. but this house, if you closed your eyes and imagined it with a whack of render on the outside .. and a lick of paint on the inside .. replaced the flowing swirling browny shagpile with something more retro-modern .. the LIGHT in there was heavenly .. and the layout was NOT UNLIKE those modern monoliths of today. It had like 5 bedrooms, a pool room ( complete with vinyl studded bar! ), a wine cellar, a shoe closet ( hello Imelda! ), a sauna, a dozen different zones over various levels .. I mean, in 1971, they must have had some hella coin. De-luxe!

    Someone's bought it now.  They don't look very visionary.  I'm not sure of their intentions.

    I wish I could have done a photoshoot in there while it still looked like this :)


    little miss olive said...

    i have to say that i usually like the 'pretty picture perfect new house'...but i looked at those photos of that house, seemingly stuck in some time-warp, and swooooooon! it's gorgeous! a crazy retro you-couldn't-make-it-like-that-if-you-tried way. there is just something about it that makes you want to keep looking.


    or maybe it's the child in me who grew up to shows like 'the brady bunch' and 'bewitched' and loved their perfect neat houses...that makes me love it so much.

    oh, i don't think i've ever commented on your blog, but i have been reading for a while now. i love love love your style!

    Adventures of a Crazy Mumma said...

    Oh my. That house has bones,fabulous bones. You know if I ever built a house from scratch I'd have a sunken lounge...carpeted steps into relaxville.

    Gillian, @look_mama said...

    It's terrific! The carpet steps are great. Great for when you are drunk and slip down them. Drunken and sunken.

    We also are a fix it as you go couple. Personality evolves. I like ti better than bought and styled personality.

    h&b said...

    Thanks for commenting little miss olive - it's always nice when readers delurk!

    The bathroom was my fave too - lemon buttery yum.

    As for the sunken lounges, yeah, but isn't falling down half the fun?

    Just don't spill that dry martini!

    Suzie Renda said...

    Great read Leanne. Have to say, I had a smile on my face as I did. Reminds me so much of my parents place (minus the sunken lounge), before they started renovating - same wood panelling, same retro tiling, same mission brown.

    That said, I do love the bathroom and bedroom. So airy and light. : )

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