Monday, October 15, 2012

    Happy Camper :: Love the Look


    Today I found out that I am the grand winner of the Carpet Court "Love the Look" Promotion.

    I am typing very calmly, in a sensible font, but OMG, in my head it's a bubbling jumble of Comic Sans meets Jokerman RIOT.



    To win I portrayed some parts of my home I absolutely love, that we have worked on, fixed up and adore.

    In fact, you might get the impression i've got it all covered.

    But ah, that is the magic of selective sharing ...


    So here are some other glimpses of my home.

    The ancient frayed rug .. a couch my kids and the cats have teamed together to make .. extra special ..

    Light fittings a-la-go-go  ( the middle IKEA lamp is the only light in my kitchen )

    Chipped laminex and chipboard kitchen

    Leaks & cracks


    And finally .. carpet ... I don't mind the petrol-coloured carpet in the boy's bedroom .. it's just a pity it doesn't reach the wall ( why? )

    And, of course, the original Westminster in our bedroom .. which I kinda like for the quirk factor, and really, for 60yr old carpet, is in pretty good nick ( in parts ) ..


    I'll be interested to hear what fantastic advice Stacey Kouros comes up with .. but one thing's for sure.. there's no lack of projects to choose from ;)

    Thankyou Carpet Court, you're the best!


    Anonymous said...

    so exciting, cant wait to see what you do with your winnings - don't forget to share the pic's- congrats Karen

    Frogdancer said...

    Of course you did!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats! Can't wait to 'see' the make over!


    Karen said...

    Wow congratulations to you - that's fantastic!
    Can't wait to see which room(s!) you make over.

    Anonymous said... lovely to see the transformation...