Sunday, June 10, 2012

    Master Bedroom: Before..


    We're getting a new bed in a few weeks!! So excited!

    The carpet, fittings and other assorteds will come later, but I just took a couple of quick pics today before AB dismantled the bed so we can compare later :)

    We haven't done much to this room since we moved in ( in 2007 ) .. in fact, here's a pic I took after we just moved in ... showing of the fabulous carpet, and with old-lady curtains..

    Bedroom Carpet

    Typical of the era, we also have no storage in this room .. no wardrobes, no nuffin'

    What you can't see in this pic is the total mountain of crap behind me .. mounds of shoes, chairs loaded with discarded clothes, paintcans from the recent painting, paperwork, receipts, books, mags .. the usual debris you'd find in the house of the not-so-tidy and very-busy-and-tired type peeps that describes us.

    So, AB is out in the garage atm sanding back the varnish from our marital bed.
    We're painting it bright red and it's going in the boy's room.
    Yes, they are going to share a bed for a while, they do anyway.. squooshed into a KS single. I don't care if you think it's weird, it works for us.

    I'll be "de-baby-fying" their room and am going with a red & teal theme.
    Red Bed, Teal bedside tables, a teal map of the world and little airplanes i've sourced to stick on the map places they have visited in the world.

    I'm hoping I might get back into blogging for ME again, and feel very enthused about house things again, so at the very least i'll be updating on the before&after front. Babysteps :)



    Melody said...

    Gosh! A post. And now I get the whole 'gonna paint my bed red' thing. Nice one.

    Janet Palmer said...

    I want your new/ old bed lol

    h&b said...

    It's a bit .. um .. creaky .. after too many housemoves Janet .. ha ha .. will be fine for the kids though ;)

    Mary said...

    So happy you are back !

    And love that the boys share a bed - love.

    Aprill said...

    Can't wait to see the final result. Also looking forward to getting a bit of you on the blog, too. :)

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