Thursday, December 29, 2011

    My Kitchen

    Just because i've never shared it before, and I always forget to do 'before' pics.

    Does this mean there will be 'after' shots?
    Maybe one day... :)


    BTW, there's things I like.. like my red clock, and the string of lanterns.
    And the fact there's wine in the fridge.


    Fairlie said...

    I like the wine in our fridge too. But that's about it, as far as our kitchen goes. (It's still on the 'to-do' list)

    I look forward to after pics whenever that happens

    Mookah said...

    The red clock is my favourite bit too! I think you should think yourself lucky, cos my kitchen has brown doors, brown tops and brown lino. I HATE brown. I'd swap any day. Bring on the days of a new kitchen......

    Meggie said...

    Have been missing so long, and I have really enjoyed catching up with some of your posts. See you on fb, but I dont spend much time on there, and I have ignored the blog world, while all the shite that my life has become, just swirls about me. (I am sure this sentence will bring teeth-gritting edges to some, but I am too bloody old now to care!)

    Kirsty said...

    I will look forward to the after. x

    ellabellabooblog said...

    This looks just like our kitchen. Perhaps the previous owners got a bulk deal in white laminate, grey benchtops & white & grey marbly tiles. Our oven door doesn't close properly either and I'm still looking for the right spot for my red clock - it's a bit too big to be in proportion. AND we have wine in the fridge. JINX!

    Just to brag though... we've got lights.

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