Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Master Bedroom .. Almost There!..

    I can't tell you how excited I am about my new bed & linen!


    It's just freaking gorgeous! ( if I don't say so myself! ) .. and lush, oh, lush. I feel like i'm a hotel!


    I still need to get a new light ( i'm thinking a black drum lightshade ), and the carpet will one day be replaced.


    We'll also sell that "colonial" chest of drawers with the mirrors once we smash a hole in the wall where it currently sits, and install a WIR in the original bathroom ( if you know the floorplan of a typical 1950's house, that's us )

    As you can see below, our "wardrobe" is a freestanding rack ( $10, IKEA, bargain )


    My "beside table" is an old crate.
    Resting on it is a framed print we bought in Paris, pre-kiddos. You can't see, but the glass is totally smashed. I need to get it fixed, but I also quite like things to be a bit not-perfect. Damaged. 
    ( Like me. ha ha. )

    AB's side features an old ladder I bought on ebay about a year ago. He's not allowed to have a bedside table as all he does is collect dust and freaking junk on it.
    He's happy with that, he's a bit like me in the fact he'd rather something look good rather than be completely functional.



    What do you think?
    Is it a Yay or a Nay?
    ( Be honest, I don't care, you can't make me not love it :)



    phoebe rae said...

    Love Love Love!
    Looking for inspiration for bedroom re-do and remembered you showing something on Facey about your bedroom. How do you go for storage in said bedroom? We're moving into a smaller room and losing the build ins. Looking at ikea beds with underbed drawers etc.

    h&b said...

    Hopefully storage will be provided SOON with a smashed in wall ( where the dresser is ), which will allow access into the original, unused bathroom, and voila! A walk-in 'robe!

    Hopefully soon. We don't own a lot of clothes, but as the boys get bigger, so does their STUFF.


    Julie-Ann said...

    It is absolutely gorgeous. But then I loved your bathroom so I wouldn't expect less from you. Love the ladder too:)

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