Friday, June 12, 2009

    A Reminder

    That bad things can and do happen, even in lovely Melbourne, and even when you're being a good person:

    For the record, the would-be abducter had his nose broken for his efforts ( good ).
    What I want to know however, is if he was investigated. Smart guys in suits often have shiny computers all full of interesting stuff, i'm sure.

    Very scary.


    Christina Lowry said...

    It is scary, isn't it? Poor Cindy and Glen. I would break his nose too!

    Fe said...

    Makes me appreciate all the good things that I have. Things that can be taken away in a heartbeat.

    Thank goodness that story had a happy ending. xoxoxo

    Frogdancer said...


    My worst nightmare.

    Cindy said...

    The police said that because the guy was having a seizure and could then BADLY justify why he was running off with her they weren't going to charge him as he wasn't doing anything that they could define wrong - NICE. They were though still questioning him after Glen walked off, at that stage Glen just wanted to get away from the bloke.

    Melody said...

    Scary, scary stuff... It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Sht hey? Thanks for the link.

    Christie said...

    I thought the exact same thing about his computer.

    The whole thing makes me physically ill.

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