Saturday, June 13, 2009

    First Haircut

    Dangerbaby was kinda sporting a Hitler do .. really long and
    comb-over-y on the top, but not much anywhere else. It was sort of like a reverse mullet. And the hair at the back was all wispy and knotted every morning. Nasty.

    We hadn't planned to take him for a haircut, but when we went to the local shopping centre to run some errands, we saw this place - too cute, and no waiting, why not?

    Kiddie Hairdresser

    We don't normally do the kiddy-cut thing, but we did it for the firstborn for his first haircut ( coochicoo cuts ), and I do try and keep things as even as possible between the two of them.


    He was a bit tired and in need of a nap..

    First haircut

    But he soon warmed up ( mainly it was the cloak he was objecting to - and who can blame him - the freaking Wiggles, man - bleah! )

    So anyway, we go through the biz - it's his first haircut, yeah?
    First haircut, yeah? First haircut. I ask if I can get a lock of hair to keep as it's his FIRST HAIRCUT. Yeah.

    So she starts snipping. Little snips, lots of them. I didn't see a lock retrieved and set aside, so I ask 'ooh, you got a lock, yeah?'
    ( Lots of yeahs, as we're right into Masterchef at the moment, yeah ? ) and she assures me she does.

    A bit annoyingly, I ask again in a different way a few minutes later because i'm sure there's no lock, not that I can see anyway.
    Being questioned doesn't seem to worry her, and I decide she'd look more hesitant if she'd stuffed up.

    Haircut after (blog )


    And we're done, dusted. She confirms this is his first haircut ?
    Um, YEAH ?!,
    and then proceeds behind the counter where she fills out a certificate for him. There's a space for a lock of hair, so she picks some random hair off the floor and sticks it down with a square of stickytape.

    I should have said something then, but i'm sure I was pretty much in shock, and it was kinda laughable. Perhaps I was the dill and didn't know what a lock was - after all this woman was a qualified hairdresser, yeah ? ( BTW: I googled "Lock of Hair" when I got home, and no, it's not random scraps from the floor )

    So I quickly scanned the floor for a 'lock' to no avail.
    I mean, I know it's like, whatever .. but this was a specialist kiddy-cut place .. it's not I was with George, the 77yr old hard-of-hearing Barber who only does 50's buzz-cuts.

    Haircut Certificate



    And looky what was there to greet us when we came home:

    Canvas Sample Delivery 1


    My free promotional canvas !
    The quality and print/colour repro are lovely & true, but I think I will have to be greedy and get something done in B&W 'just to check'. ha!

    The printer was so happy with this print, he emailled me to ask if he could print it up to approx 4x the size of this one, to use at their stand at an upcoming photographic convention in Sydney! Yay!
    Hopefully, i'll be able to fly up and check it out in the flesh, but the timing's a bit off, AB will be away and i'll have the two kids .. so probably not... we'll see... the last time I was in Sydney was pre-kids - far out!



    Melody said...

    Awesome print - bet DB took a double look!!

    Bloody hairdresser! *urgh* Not knowing what a lock of hair was? Baitch. At least he got some kind of certificate with some scrappy bits of hair on it.

    Violet and Rose said...

    I love that you have shown us the name of said hairdressers so that anyone who was thinking of taking their child for their first hair cut. Yes, that's right, first hair cut. And in case you need to say it again (as you did) first hair cut, they will think twice about going there.

    A lock of hair is that carefully held between fingers and snipped off piece of hair that the hairdresser then passes to the mother. Mother holds lock of hair and gets all misty eyed.

    Not stares in disbelief at strands swept from floor.

    I feel your pain.

    but I like your canvas !!!!

    Fairlie said...

    Ok, I'd be gropable if my first haircut "lock" was scraps off the floor.

    And as for that me pedantic...but I CANNOT stand to see the plural used when it should be the singular...(i.e Dangerbaby received their first hair cut at...) What? Was he there with his imaginary friend?

    Cool print though.

    M said...

    I read all about the lock. Agree, that is not a lock.

    THEN I read down a bit and saw...Sydney...well I think you should push hard for the trip to Sin City so I can show you how the North Shore mummies live.

    Frogdancer said...

    Take up M's invite. When I was up there she showed me how North Shore mummies live.
    Got to say, it's not bad....

    What I really came on here to comment about was DB's look as he sees the canvas. Priceless.

    Signing off from the House of Swine Flu.
    (Did you know that one of the side effects of Tamiflu is nausea? Ask me how I know...)

    Stomper Girl said...

    Your canvas is just gorgeous. And your bubsy looks so growed up with the haircut. He is such a cutie.

    That's not a lock though. Definitely. Maybe you'll have to fake it; wait 4 weeks and snip your own lock.

    Uli said...

    The canvas looks great - not to mention DB's "is this a mirror?" expression.

    And yeah, a lock is a lock, not scraps off the floor. I'm with Stomper - fake that one out.

    muser said...

    wow! Fantastic print! and no, that is NOT a lock. :(

    Christie said...

    Hmm... Do you think 'anna' is a mum?

    Anyway.... That canvas looks AMAZING! Did you get it done at a regular photo place or somewhere special? Very exciting that is is going to be on display in Sydney!!!!!

    Sherrin said...

    A 'lock of hair' ... yes ... I had the same experience when Zeph got his first cut. A lock of hair was random fuzz from the floor.

    Gorgeous gorgeous photos. I especially love the one of him standing next to the canvas.

    Anonymous said...

    Sad about the lock - but gorgeous phots & boy! Siobhan/Shivi!

    Anonymous said...

    Definitely not a lock. What a joke! As uou say, it's not like it's a big deal, except they make it a big deal with the certificate and everything and then give you a scrap? Seriously?

    Anyway, the canvas looks awesome and you definitely have to work on a trip up to Sydney to see it. So many nice bloggers to meet up there and PMA would be great to go to (I assume it's PMA it's at). I'm already hatching a plan to go next year when it's in Melbourne. :)

    M+B said...

    DB is such a cutie :) And, no that is not a lock of hair. Hope you said something?

    Your canvas is gorgeous, and awesome news that it's going to be on display.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you suppose that the tape is acid-free or will it melt right through that lock of hair?

    He looks so grown up with his hair cut. Were you prepared for that?

    Kirsty said...

    Dangerbaby really is the cutest little guy. Very sorry about the "lock". I always cut my own before the hairdresser.

    I love your canvas & so excited for you & Sydney expo.

    Stacey said...

    That boy. I could just eat him up.

    Heather said...

    I would be miffed about the lock too. always, you took some fantastic photos!

    Shelly/Michelle said...

    Agree..that is not a lock. That is a collection of hair from random children.....not funny! Just plain strange!!

    Fabulous canvas!!!

    Ruby Girl said...

    He is so handsome and how cute is that hairdresser shop, what a special place to have a first haircut.

    Mary said...

    Can't believe my beautiful boy is old enough to have a haircut.

    Come on up to Sydney - come on!!!

    Anonymous said...

    The canvas is beautiful!!!!

    Alby Mangroves said...

    I have a first haircut horror story too.. I'm sorry you didn't get your lock, but he does look ever so grown up now!!

    Cindy said...

    I remember Caleb's first haircut, he was screaming so much the hairdresser asked me what was wrong with him - no better way to get a mother on side! I just cut it myself now, save everyone the torture

    Karen said...

    That is so not a lock of hair!!
    What's wrong with that woman.
    How much does DB look like his big bro now though - uncanny.
    Been meaning to drop in to say glad you liked the story - and thanks for the kind words.
    Looking forward to your next reno!

    meggie said...

    The photography is so damn good, I almost forgot the first curl.
    I hope your lip worked overtime on the curl. WTH was she thinking???
    Just a gorgeous young man pic though!!

    reality raver said...

    The photos are amazing do you take them yourself?

    I did not even think of keeping the lock from my kids first haircut. Is that bad?

    Maybe I will keep the curls from my baby boy as he has beautiful Botticelli curls like your son

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