Saturday, May 09, 2009


    Busy little bees over here. I've been saying to friends I have no idea how i'll cope when it comes to organising school next year - getting up early EVERY day, and organising lunches and co-ordinating timeslots etc. FAIL.

    We're already full up to here, and that's just with Auskick, kinder, swimming lessons, birthdays and regular playdates etc...

    When did my life get so busy ?

    Still, I didn't say we're not having fun - and it's a lot easier to type that seeing I was able to both vacuum and mop yesterday when AB took *both* the kids out for me. The state of the house was getting me down. Dangerbaby is such a grub, and it just seemed to me whenever i'd be making a bed somewhere, someone else would be painting the couch with yoghurt. Or you know, any one of a multitude of sins ( like smashing a new lens, but we won't go into that ).


    So yeah, we've been doing stuff, getting involved, not staying at home so much.
    Eating the magnificent toasted sandwiches at a local playcentre instead of hosting kids in our houses seems to have become a lifesaver for my local mum's group. We detox our sins ( yelling, smacking, threatening, dying, crying ) while the kids knock themselves out on play equipment.
    Everybody goes home happy. Heaven.

    I've got a car now too, so winter won't be so drab this year.

    I even managed to overcome some of my big phobias this morning - involving large shopping centres ( ugh! ), parking (!) in unfamiliar territory ( !! ), on a Saturday ( !!! ) with small kids.
    I usually avoid large centres - waiting until AB has an errand to run, and then going with him instead. And I won't go into the city at all unless someone else is driving.
    I can do it, mind you .. but if I can get out of it, I will.

    I'm still taking pics, but it's hard to find the time, so i've been pretty quiet on the self-promotion. I've been getting enough work just from the stuff i've already done.
    It's hard to ask mum or AB to babysit when they've been working all week, and you know, when they're home, I want to be spending time with them also... but on the other hand, I don't want to knock back opportunities, because taking pics of other people is SO not like taking pics of your own. It's harder, way harder .. but ultimately very satisfying when/if you get it right.

    Perhaps next year when the boy is at school and I can get occasional care for just the one ?
    We'll see.

    Auskick Baby

    In the meantime, i'll continue to be an Auskick mum.
    I'm enjoying it more than I ever imagined - I even went to a proper game the other day ( I did take a book, but surprised myself by watching the game ).
    Seems footy's actually not too bad.
    Who woulda thunk ?


    and farque, is it 4pm already ?


    Frogdancer said...

    YOU have a car????

    Good on you. I did the Auskick thing for a few years, but luckily the boys decided that they were more into music than sport. No more lost weekends....

    Alby Mangroves said...

    I'm thinking of doing the Auskick thing - do they take 4 year olds? I've never watched a game in my life, but I might if the Ratbag was in it. I would of course prefer a hobby where limbs might not get broken, he's a bit young for golf.

    Stomper Girl said...

    We did a few playcentre Mothers Groups too, the kids LOVED it. They still do a love a play centre play actually, but the noise level gets me down a bit these days - like the swimming pool.

    The regimen of school can be a bit hard at first but you adjust. And then you appreciate the school holidays like you wouldn't believe!

    M said...

    Yes, you realise that the old line "I'll get my life back/go back to paid work once the kids are at school" is only said by those who have no idea what is ahead of them.

    Saturday sport, once you get used to the early mornings, is quite fun. We had PL's first soccer game of the season this morning and despite the 7.40am start I found myself watching rather than reading too.

    Jodie said...

    That photo of the little babe with dummy and footy is beautiful.

    Mary said...

    What a satisfying post. I loved reading all that and seeing your life and the life of your family.

    Don't let the photography drop too much - you are so good at it..

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Methinks football is really ok only if someone you love is playing it!

    Guera said...

    I can definitely relate! WEll, not to the Auskick thing, in our house it's more of a ballet obsession, but the busy thing and the trying to do everything without constantly getting babysitters - I can completely relate. :) Good to see you checking in though, and I love the footy pics.

    Melody said...

    I went from not having to go anywhere 5 to 7 days a week and getting up whenever to getting up five mornings a week at 6:10am. And packing a morning tea and lunch. Every day. Then driving in god-awful horrible traffic 10 minutes up the road. And you know what? I actually enjoy it.

    Of course all this will change when #2 comes along in September and the #1 begins School. Ask me then if I enjoy it?

    Louise said...

    You'll forget what it was like before school you know. I like being able to get going first thing now. And my middle girl is doing Auskick but that's Daddy's thing!!

    meggie said...

    Bloody Hell. Sports? I thought I was seeing things!

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