Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Birthday Treats

    Hmm, seems a bit mean to blog about stuff I bought myself after scrapping the idea of presents for the 5yr old.

    But then, he didn't grow up with nothing, like I did.
    So a little reward for me later in life is ok. Ok? ok.

    Firstly, I bought myself a trenchcoat. It's lovely and hides a multitude of sins. You could be nekkid, you could be in track pants, you could be in Lacroix .. and who would know darling, who would know ?

    And it's toasty warm at Auskick.

    New Trench

    People don't normally buy me things. One, i'm kinda not a good receiver, i'm awkward and feel uncomfortable. Not used to it. Two, i'm either fussy, or hard-to-buy-for, not sure which, probably both. Personally I think i'm easy - if pressed, I say the same thing year after year "nice.things.for.the.home".

    So with that in mind, I bought myself an Aunty Cookie ampersand cushion ( and by some great serendipitous amazing feat - actually received one too, from a friend! )

    Aunty Cookie Ampersand Cushions

    And as it turned out, AB did buy me a book I later returned, unread.
    I'd asked for this cushion. He'd said 'no'. I bought it anyway, and now it's his gift to me.

    Happy days.


    KikiMiss said...

    I'm glad you got the coat and the '&' cushion, after's YOUR day and you can do what you like!! Such a great photo of you - really shows how much you do love it and it makes you feel wonderful and happy. Retail lovers unite!

    Natalie said...

    Well done!
    Happy Mothers' Day.

    Mary said...

    Happy Birthday! Happy Mothers Day.

    You are rocking that trench coat btw

    Elizabeth said...

    Lovely presents!
    Happy birthday and Happy Mother's Day. said...

    Love the trench - is it the Ezibuy one? Have been lusting after that one myself :) Hope you had a great day!

    h&b said...

    Linda - yes, it is! Get it!

    Thanks everyone :)

    Uli said...

    Fabulous trench, and there's no problem with buying yourself presents. Or if there is, then I'm in major trouble.

    shannon said...

    i give a list every time and get nothing off it. I always get some random crap I dont need like us shaped pillows for mothers day - why? because he likes them.

    nice cushion by the way.

    Alby Mangroves said...

    You look great in your luffly coat! Don't you hate justifying why you spend money on yourself? I didn't have any qualms about spending $100 last week on Peanut's new long-sleeve top selection and a pair of shoes, but ummed and arred about going to the movies last night by myself for Mother's Day. I spent $20, and it was worth having all those minutes to myself :) but then came homne to a sleepless/crying baby and pacing husband. We all pay the price in the end.

    Stacey said...

    You're looking pretty cool in that coat. Must be the hairclips setting it off.
    Your photos (even ones that you are in rather than have taken - unless you've got a time delay thingy) always have such good colour. It's natural but sort of more intense as well.
    Happy Birthday!

    Cindy said...

    I think that you so should buy yourself an extra special on your birthday and the coat looks so nice. If your kids are anything like mine, everyday is like a birthday to them

    Anonymous said...

    sorry - are you saying you're naked under that coat? Sounds like a very special birthday!

    M+B said...

    Ooooh NICE coat :)

    surfingfree said...

    Gorgeous coat, you spunk!

    Corrie said...

    oh lovely! lucky you! I love my trench coats from london but they got so much more use over there than here! super jealous of your cushions too...


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