Saturday, May 16, 2009


    Heading out, we drove past the Primary School we always assumed MC would go to ( it's on our street, and only 2 blocks away .. however we are not in 'the Zone' ... weird )

    Me: "So, we're not going to go to that school now - we're going to go to the other school we visited the other day*. With the chickens?"

    ( Pause to watch expression in the rear-view mirror. Note knitted eyebrows )

    Me: "is that okay?"

    MC: "Yep"

    MC: "And when I get bigger. I will eat one"

    * I like the school we're zoned for better anyway, as it turns out. It has chickens, vege patches, wetlands, their own radio station etc etc. Talk about jealous ( me & AB ! )


    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I hope he will peel and cook it first :)

    Christie said...

    parent teacher interviews will be fun!

    Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

    Be afraid, chickens. Very afraid.

    Melody said...

    *heehee* An exciting time hey?

    In Abu Dhabi we aren't in zones and can choose which school to go to - but (as you know) the prices are EXPENSIVE! It is a good feeling though, getting Miss Mon into one. I had visions of me home schooling (*belch*) as we had been warned that, that may happen. If it did, I was on the first plane home. I have even gotten over the fact that Monet may start calling me Mom and spelling certain words incorrectly.

    Anonymous said...

    How many chickens are there and how much will it cost you to replace them?

    These are the important questions.

    Fairlie said...

    That sounds like the school Queenie went to for the year we lived in Perth. (We lived outside its zone too - but qualified by demolishing a house within the zone!) The highlight of her year was looking after the chickens. We didn't eat any though. We did, however, eat the eggs and the produce from the school vegetable garden - the kids would set up a stall at pick-up time and sell them to parents.

    velcro said...

    i think i'd like to go to a school that had chickens too but i think we are well out the zone for your school but a few miles or so..(also i'm a little too old to go to primary school now alas)

    surfingfree said...

    Wow! I'm jealous too! What an awesome sounding school. Hee hee ... should those chickens be worried??

    Stacey said...

    Are you sure the wetlands isn't just the carpet in the prep room?
    School sounds like an excellent choice.

    Alby Mangroves said...

    I hate zoning. Can't send the Ratbag to my preferred school either.

    Anonymous said...

    Run chicken, run!

    Yeah, zoning is weird, especially because the primary and high school boundaires don't exactly follow, so when you're on boundaries it's kind of complicated.

    Also, to Melody up there (small world etc) it will take three weeks for her to call you 'mom'. Three weeks max.

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