Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    3 Birthdays in 3 Weeks

    I have no idea why I was so keen on the idea of us all being born in April -it's madness...
    Thank goodness the Dangerbaby went against the trend is all I will say!

    Birthday went well - really well, in fact.
    The bike 'Traffic School' ( complete with working traffic lights, pedestrian crossings etc ) just kept everyone riding round and round and round all day, so there was no time for fisticuffs or tears or argy-bargy.

    But they made room for a sausage or two, and cake. Natch.

    Only one present, from MC's girlfriend ( and the only girl invited :). Her mum had asked me if it was ok as she really wanted to, and of course I said yes. MC was fine.
    As predicted, he was more interested in having fun and running about, and his NEW BIKE ( which he hasn't gotten off since - he eats his breakfast sitting on it at the table, helmet on ... he rides and rides and rides. Good stuff )

    Still wondering if I did the right thing.
    I think i'm just suffering motherguilt bigtime, but AB assures me we did the right thing, and I know he's right. Still..

    Hopefully if someone else in the year follows our lead, it will be nice to have our notions reinforced ... but I have the feeling no-one probably will, and he will be the only gift-less party this year. Which makes me a little sad in hindsight.

    But does this boy look sad?:

    Birthday Morning

    * * * * *

    Birthday #2
    AB turned 40! - whoo-hoo.

    I booked Vue de Monde for us months in advance.
    I'd been interested in Shannon Bennett since seeing a doco ( "The Three Emperor's Dinner" ) on the ABC not long after we got married. The setting for the doco was also the venue for our wedding reception, which at that stage had only just been opened to the public.
    So, you know, we had a bond. Of sorts.

    So Vue...
    OMG, what an experience. Front & centre at the plating station, I felt we got the best seat of the night. It is like a night at the Opera, and our chairs are arranged both intimately, and also to watch the production before us. And the food ?
    *Amazing* Really Amazing.


    And Shannon was there too, consulting, overseeing & ensuring everything ran the way he intended. Which it did. Damn fine staff, it really was a special experience.


    Please don't ask how much it cost though. There is no menu at Vue, nor is there a pricelist. Rather scary territory if you're not on the BRW rich list, for this is a top class restaurant, and possibly(?) the most expensive in Melbourne ?


    We opted for the 9-course Gastromomie menu, 6 savoury courses, a cheese course, and 2 desserts. We never got to the cheese or dessert. I'm not very good at eating after 8.30pm, and by 10.30pm and 2hours of magnificent petite meals, what I needed was a walk around the city, not more food.
    A pity we couldn't have taken a rain-check and come back for the remaining courses on another day. Although I am not a dessert girl, I can't help wondering what I missed out on.....

    So Happy Forty-Fifth Birthday to my 2 birthday boys.
    Mine's next, but we'll leave that for next year.
    I don't want to see another piece of cake in a long, long time....

    * Vue de Monde pics courtesy of the restaurant website


    Kirsty said...

    Happy Birthday(s) to all the H&B crew.

    What a celebration.

    Uli said...

    Happy birthday all.

    Sounds like the "parties" were in perfect contrast.

    Christie said...

    Happy Birthday x3

    So glad you had a good night, it is a great experience & perfect for a special celebration

    I love a good foodie adventure, except when your hubby heads OS for a foodie adventure WITHOUT you & is away for YOUR birthday... I am expecting a v good pressie for my bday this year!

    Janet said...

    happy birthday's to you all - both parties sound amazing.

    Anonymous said...

    Sounds like a celebration worthy of 40 years.

    The smile on your big boys face makes it all so worthwhile!

    Melody said...

    Awesome. All of it. The fancy-shmancy restaurant, the cost, the food, the gift-less bike-riding partee, the bike and especially the 5 year old's smile.

    Louise said...

    Happy Birthday to you all!! I so want to go to Shannon's. I saw him at Chaddy the other day believe it or not!!

    caramaena said...

    Happy birthdays to everyone :)

    I'm not much of a foodie so the restaurant would likely be lost on me, but I'm curious as to what that is in the last pic.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Love the 5yo's bike love. Just DON'T buy him a lycra suit. Please.

    Happy birthday to you and the boys.

    M said...

    Happy Birthdays to youse all!

    Just a menu? No pricelist? Way scary. But sounds like a fabbo night.

    Oh, and I think you did right with the no presents. I might try to follow suit. Watch this space.

    M+B said...

    Happy Birthday to everyone (except the gorgeous Danger Baby)!

    meggie said...

    Many Happies to All the Birthday People!

    Bec said...

    We have only one April birthday but three in August (two on same day and one four days later).

    I feel your pain.

    Looks like you handled it with the usual aplomb.

    My float said...

    That boy looks mighty happy to me! Well done you for sticking to your guns. I said the same thing for Easter this year, and did anyone listen to me??

    That food looks divine.

    Oh, and happy birthday!

    Anonymous said...

    I am way impressed about the gift-less party and there should be more of it, there really should. Really. I think you are a trailblazer, and I am going to follow your lead.

    And yay! to fancy-fancy-fancy-luxurious restaurants.

    Many happies all around.

    Reality Raver said...

    Vue Du Monde sounds amazing. I hope there were prices on the wine list other it could get really ugly at the bill time.

    kim at allconsuming said...

    Listen, I know I can be as lazy with the blog posting as the next person, but COME ON!

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