Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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    So the September, November, definitely before Christmas bathroom fit-out starts next week.

    It will take 3, no 4weeks.
    Well, it will definitely be finished by February 20th.

    It had better bloody be.

    The husband looks at me quizzically.

    Your secondborn ? His first birthday ?

    Yeah, that date.
    Damn Straight.



    - More than you ever wanted to know about me, and then some !
    ( i've been interviewed, by our (former) Noo-York correspondant ! )

    - the story of how Stacey & I kicked some old guys butt at the park while some ex-members of my Mother's Group watched on in horror ( no doubt glad they don't hang with my homies any more. ) In fact, I might leave that one to your imagination - it's no doubt better than the real story :p


    Jorth said...

    I'm dying of cute overload. Gah, those adorable tippytoes!

    Aunty Evil said...

    Look at those two! How bloody adorable!

    Uli said...

    That photo is so cute.

    Stacey said...

    Such beautiful, lovely and sweet boys.
    Who would have thought their mother berates old men in parks for fun?

    Melody said...

    Now, you and Stacey must have a story to tell - I can't wait for that one!

    My goodness that photo of the boys is too lovely. it oozes loveliness. You better print that one out and frame it.

    Anonymous said...

    beautiful boys! Is the little one there for brotherly love or is he trying to steal some food?

    KikiMiss said...

    Oh my....these little fellows are so charming. Prints Charming, ahahahahahaha...get it, get it?

    h&b said...

    PP - you guessed it. The younger boy is a bit of a seagull and is here "climbing" his brother to get to some muesli bar.

    He also grunts like a feral pig if he smells junk food ( hot chips, pizza etc ). You'd think we never feed him...

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I'm waiting for the park story!

    meggie said...

    I need that story of kicking an old guy's butt!! I once did that... I might blog about it.

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