Monday, January 05, 2009


    I'm the shitest emailer ever to live.

    My inability to reply to emails ( or personally reply to blog comments ) is only overtaken by my inability to make or return phonecalls. Terrible.


    So i've finally made the big jump to stop the auto-forwarding of every comment to my email box. There's almost 400 in there since my last catch-up/cull, and it's getting beyond a joke.
    By the time I reply on your thoughtful comment, it was 5months ago already, and you've totally forgotten about it.
    From now on, I will reply in my own comments, en masse, and will continue my practice of always visiting a blogger who comments.
    I like doing that, and it seems to be something I am capable of. Done.

    We've also resolved to get the young boy out of the marital bed. He's almost ONE ( where did that time go ? ), and is very much a mumma's boy. So we've been trialling out the cot for naps ( hates it ), and probably gets a good two hours in it at night before we bring him in.
    Pretty pathetic, but it is a big change for him ... plus i'm planning of cutting off his milk supply sometime in the near future too, so babysteps, babysteps..

    Day 3: Fanatic

    Speaking of milk supply - new bras.
    Pristine white without snaps and flaps for breastfeeding.
    Am refusing to buy new maternity ones and the ones I own now are extremely sad and gah! Their ugliness is my motivation.

    Taking a photo a day* for January. So far so good.
    I'd love to make it a 365 if I can, but a month is good to start. You might remember my other aborted attempt at a month of photos on the blog ( ha! ). But that was different as I banned WORDS on the blog. Rules, schmules, you can't shut me up if I want to talk, bully-boy.

    2009 is a big year for me - i've got a lot on the go, and already it's proving challenging with the 2 young boys underfoot.
    It's going to be a good year though, oh yes indeedy. I refuse to have it any other way ;)

    Hope yours will be just as fine.

    * if you can't see them, it's because they're kiddy-pics and I keep them on 'family&friends' only.
    Flickrmail me if you want to get past the doorbitch.


    Uli said...

    I'm still trying avoid resolutions this year.

    However, for the moving him out of the bed thing, you should check out Carole's blog:

    She recently successfully tried out a program for moving her son out of the bed too.

    h&b said...

    ooh - thanks - off to look
    ( I don't normally do the resoultion thing either, but there were a few things on the agenda already ;)

    Damselfly said...

    Your photos are always lovely, so it's great to hear you will be taking more of them! Or perhaps just posting more of them?

    Those maternity and nursing bras truly are the ugliest things ever. Ugh.

    I hope your little one's transition to his own bed gets better.

    Melody said...

    Good luck with all that you set out to achieve. I'm sure you'll do well and it is all as you said, baby steps, baby steps...

    Ali said...

    Hi there. I've decided to lurk less and comment more on people's blogs this year. I am not good at replying to comments either, preferring to visit other people's blogs. I think that's fine!

    siobhan said...

    I have no complaints about your emailing! Perhaps I got you on a favourite topic! ;)

    Fairlie said...

    Oh man...Has it almost been a year already? Where did that time go?

    I resolve not to have any rules about comments and like you, I can't keep up with any rule I make!

    nutmeg said...

    All the best for the new year H&B. I hear ya on the email and telephone thing - for me, I think it's because I prefer the face-to-face meeting - but we can't always have that can we and also a rather "strange" leaning for a blogger as well ;-)

    Anyway, your photos continue to leave me in awe ....

    Stomper Girl said...

    I've never thought you slack with your emailing, You put me to shame I reckon. I don't think all comments need a response, I only reply to those that do and otherwise just go visit people.

    Good luck with the cot, I always feared the mover (from bassinet to big cot) and both times my bubsies smiled up at me in the new surrounds then slept happily the whole night through. Don't take that as a brag, mine are good sleepers but terrible eaters, late toilet trainers etc.

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    Play to your strengths, I say. Spend time on your amazing photography and witty words. Oh and a well deserved splurge on new lingerie!

    Good luck with the new routines for the little tacker!

    Blue Mountains Mary said...

    Happy New Year lovely girl -

    and I am always thrilled to see your photos and what you are up to.

    And that boy of mine is to die for!

    M said...

    I'm hopeless at replying to comments too. I'm amazed you've only just forwarded comments to email - how have you been surviving?

    Louise said...

    Don't worry about replying to the comments - I don't expect a response. I prefer it if you just pop by mine every now and then. I LOVE the photo of the little guy - is that a sign of things to come?? Good luck with the bed thing. I'm still having to sit on the bed while miss 3 goes off to sleep or she screams the house down.

    Tamara said...

    I didn't wear maternity bras third time round - I was so over them.

    I fed my little boy til 18 months and I think he still grieves. The other day he asked if God could put some milk back in my nibbles (my kids name for boobs). Funny.

    Janet said...

    yeah, I never got the always replying to comments email thingy. Once in a while is nice but then I never know when to end the conversation.... a bit like the messaging that goes on at work that gets a bit endless when really one should be doing SOME WORK.

    Happy New Year!

    h&b said...

    Well, that's good - I thought it must have been a new blogger trend to personally reply or something and was wondering WHERE EVERYONE GOT THE TIME ?!

    So i'm not the only slackarse ignoring everyone.


    Stacey said...

    Okay. So does that mean I can diss you in the comments and you won't send me a shitty email?
    Good luck with the bed and bra thing.
    I cried in DJ's change room when I bought my first post breastfeeding bra.

    My float said...

    Almost ONE YEAR OLD?

    Guess I'd better not send off what I'd intended to send off almost a year ago. How embarrassing.

    Good luck on your campaign to get the bub out of the marital bed. Can I just say what a fabulous idea it is. And when you succeed, could you please tell me your secret so I can finally shunt Master Almost Five into his own bed???

    Heather said...

    That's what I do too, usually return visit blogs of people who comment, and answer questions in my own comments section if someone asks a question and I don't have their email address. I don't usually get many comments anyway though.

    Gina said...

    Same as Tamera -- skipped the maternity bras the last time but probably not something Trinny and Suzanna would recommend. Not the most comfortable but dad gum it I hate those too. Luke was really hard to get out of the parental bed -- 17 months. But I got tougher and tougher with each one. Liam didn't stand a chance, poor little guy.
    Who is almost one year! What DID happen?? Nuts, I say.

    Cathy said...

    Love looking at your photos, you are very talented. I am looking forward to seeing all of January! Love these ones too!

    good luck with changing beds!

    Surfing Free said...

    Yay! Grown up bras are a good sign ... I have finally gotten rid of all of my stretched, stained, ugly maternity bras and even though I'll miss not having anyone else to breastfeed, I won't miss those horrid contraptions.
    A photo a day is a good resolution. Good luck and Happy new year :)

    Victoria said...

    Don't feel pressured to reply to comments.
    I hate the phone, hate making phone calls, put them off, hate answering it...
    By the way - your photos are looking spectacularly good lately.

    M+B said...

    I love the footy photo! What a great shot :-)

    Good luck with getting the young boy out of the marital bed and cutting off his milk supply.

    I am emailing replies at the moment (not sure how long it will last. My designated blog email is sorted but if you saw my other 3 accounts you'd be horrified!

    Enjoy your new bras!!!

    Kirsty said...

    Good going h&b! The daily photos are wonderful.

    martin said...

    Happy new year, lovely lady. May it be filled with awesome pics and fancy schmancy undergarments!

    Jorth said...

    Eeeek! That last comment was from me, not my brother Martin who was using his gmail on my computer yesterday. Sorry!

    shellyC said...

    I thought i was the shittiest at replying to comments - as i don't really ever! Would i get more comments maybe??
    Happy New year to you - enjoy all the business of it.

    h&b said...

    Thanks everyone !

    And LOL! at Jorth .. thank God you clarified .. some new guy commenting on my Reg Grundies ? tooooo funny..... poor Martin, look how you've reduced him !

    And Shelly - I knew there was a reason I liked you, you ignore me ( ha! ) Glad i'm not the only one that reads, loves, ignores.. :p

    Melody said...

    I reply to post comments because I don't get that many comments! Lol!!

    Hope all goes well with your resolutions, the bra, the weaning...

    In transit said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And taking time to comment. Twice!
    Good luck with all the NY resolutions. Luckily I have another 49 weeks before I should consider shifting the babe from the 'grown-up's bed'... says me after I was determined that the babe would be in her own room. So not happening.

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