Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Just tired is all...

    Thanks for the emails - perhaps I sounded dire in my last post ?

    I'm just a wee bit tired. Been on the blog circuit for over 2years now, crapping on about myself, and you know, it's a small world, the world of me.

    So i'm working on the bathroom reno ( yes! - it looks like it's going ahead and i'll have a new bathroom by September - w00t ! ), and poring over Caesarstone samples, and some tiles I picked up, which looked fab in-store, but now i'm not so sure.

    The bathroom should look a bit like this when done ( on the left - the Caesarstone samples are on the right ):

    And this is how it looks now ( currently a 'utility room', and yes, that's a car mat on the floor. Some of that lino left sticky residue on the floor ):

    I'm also thinking of putting the boys together in the one room, and making MC's room into a kind of a playroom for now ( it will eventually be a kitchen ). The builders will be making a bit of a mess down that way, and I think i'll sleep better with him closer to our room ( I lie awake every night listening for sounds of someone breaking in to steal my child, I kid you not ).

    I don't sleep much.

    But when i'm not sleeping, it gives me plenty of time to obsess.
    At 3am.

    I hope tile-lady doesn't learn to run when she sees me coming for another take-home sample to be returned and rejected...

    I know me only too well.


    Kirsty said...

    I love my kids sharing. I wish the big girl wasn't too cool...I'd have the three of them in together.

    KikiMiss said...

    I have the same idea as you with regards to placing the children in the one room but I have concerns....I've emailed you.

    Your new bathroom idea is fabulous (similar to my old house) and you keep asking for those tiles. It's the only way you'll know what you want.

    You tell tile-lady you know what it's like dealing with pesky clients and samples...remember back to the good ole (paper co.) days!

    Louise said...

    Ooooooh I am obsessing over tiles at the moment too and have just taken home several more samples. Which tile lady are you dealing with? Where did you get the ceasarstone samples? I've changed my mind about the tiles several times already - everything looks a bit dull when I get it home. Maybe it's the weather! I'm doing the opposite to you - darker floors and lighter bench tops. I can't imagine having a lovely bathroom again and you have just made me realise I should do some before and after shots so I will know how bad it really was.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    With your immaculate taste the bathroom will be lovely.

    And a playroom is a great idea.

    Fairlie said...! I love a good bathroom reno. Especially when it's someone elses! That looks like it's going to be lovely.

    I changed my mind three times last weekend over a throw for the bottom of the bed. The sales assistant only just managed to restrain her rolling eyes as she refunded and recharged it the third time. Tiles are soooo much more permanent than a throw.

    Melody said...

    I have missed your words. Glad you are back blogging, but I too have come up lately with a blank wall. What am I meant to blog about??

    I shared a room with my older sister when we lived at home - through till about when she was 13 and I was 10. I loved sharing a room with her, she did not. Oh the fights! Oh the masking tape down the center of the room! Oh the memories!!

    meggie said...

    New bathroom idea looks really fresh.
    Have to get just what you really like for the tiles, so don't feel bad with rejections.

    Joke said...

    1- One of the advantages of having reproduced "two of the same" is being able to smoosh the both of them into one room. Even better, when you prent them with bunk beds, they PREFER the idea.

    2- Godspeed on the bathroom. Been there, done that.


    Damselfly said...

    That bathroom looks so modern and fresh!

    My friend put both of her boys in the same room and used the spare as a playroom. I think they really liked it.

    shellyC said...

    Your bathroom will look gorgeous! I admire you for the effort you put in to it and that you know exactly what you want - so you should!

    I have two kids together - they love it.

    Christie said...

    new bathroon design looks noice

    we turned our diningroom into a playroom & it is so nice to have all the kids toys (mess/junk) in one place

    I think it would be nice for your boys to share a room

    Surfing Free said...

    Hey, SNAP!
    I just did a bathroom post as well :) Those bathrooms do weigh heavily on ones mind don't they.

    Also not sleeping well over here. LMS is waking up still in the night, and 3am obsessing is my night-time pass time as well.

    Gina said...

    Fresh and clean! Love it. Tile lady needs to get over it already. This is important. LOL on the pictures. It's good to hear your "voice" again! : )

    peppermintpatcher said...

    The small world of you is endlessly entertaining for the rest of us.

    Stomper Girl said...

    My boys share a room and they love it. Didn't move the baby in till he was sleeping through reliably though.

    Also, I wish you luck with the sleeping. That's why I had mine in the same room as me when they were really wee, just got too anxious if they were far away. But a baby monitor could be a good way of hearing prospective baby-burglars...

    Stomper Girl said...

    Just to further share my small baby neuroses, I was convinced that our baby was at risk of a car smashing off the street and through our front window so I made Fixit sleep on the window side so that I could be next to the Cherub and away from the car-smash.

    Claire F said...

    I was wondering about the longivity of my little blog too the other day, oh, and I also imagine someone stealing my child int he middle night, I HAVE to get up and check her window, I go to the loo as well, but mainly I check her window!

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