Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Tealights in Treetops and Bright Happy Faces..

    I read other people after a blog meet saying "oh so&so was exactly the same as she is on her blog" blah blah blah .. but Melody wasn't.

    I dunno. Maybe because i've always met others in a 'group' setting .. but meeting Melody was like the first time my sister brought home a "Snoopy" VHS and I frowned at the screen .. "Charlie Brown doesn't sound like that !"

    Obviously i'd been reading too long and i'd made up a voice to go with. It's ok though, her real-life voice ( and person ! ) was much nicer than the one i'd made up for her.
    Am I digging a hole here ? :)

    We'd been counting down the days until our playdate, and before M&M came over, I was made to write her name and draw some lovehearts on the blackboard. To which the 4yr old added his own name. "This says "I wub Monet" he told me .. ( and gathering from the parting hugs and kisses, i'll make a stalker out of him yet )

    Poor Monet:


    And something i've been meaning to do since at least last Xmas, is get the tins of frozen water out of the freezer and hammer nails into them a'la A Scent of Water like, 3yrs ago ( so long ago, there's no link I can find, and I think it might have been on her old blog ).

    Pop in a tealight and hang from a tree. I likey.



    bluemountainsmary said...

    I remember that tutorial - and now you have reinspired me because I likey too!

    KikiMiss said...

    How lovely is that photo?!! They look so cute together, will we be saying that in another 15 years? (sorry guys!!)

    I had that same thing happen when I met someone IRL, her voice was so different to what I had imagined after talking for 4 years online. A much "posher" (do you like that word? he he he) voice indeed.

    KikiMiss said...

    Tutorial link

    Uli said...

    That pic of the kids is so cute!

    M said...

    Oh, gorgeous photo!

    So, you stopped your story short about Melody. Melody, you will need to fill in here. So was H&B different? Go on, spill the beans on H&B. Actually must go over to Melody's blog to ask for that...

    I'm such a trouble-maker. Really I am.

    Melody said...


    It is funny, because I thought exactly the same of what H&B thought of me. Her voice was different than what I had imagined and (hate to say it) but she was shorter than I imagined...*sorry* (But then, I am pretty tall and H&B is about my mother's height!)

    Monet *adored* MB. He is now her 'boyfriend'. And if, down the road, MB and Monet do hook up - I won't complain. I reckon H&B would make a cool rockin' Mother-In-Law!

    Stacey said...

    For the record, I have to say you are exactly like I imagined you would be.
    I was prepared for the short bit - I think you had alluded to it on the blog before.
    Its weird, that day we me in the cafe, it was like "oh there you are", no doubting it was you.
    I apparently "looked different than expected". Given me sleepless nights, you have. Its that giant grotesque birthmark in the middle of my forehead, isn't it?

    Stomper Girl said...

    My comment didn't work from the other day. I want Melody to tell us if H&B's haircut is really as bad as she says?

    And it doesn't even remotely look like Monet was at all unhappy with the boy's love.

    meggie said...

    Lovely photo!

    shellyC said...

    ..yes where is the haircut picture?
    The photo of the pre-engaged couple is gorgeous!

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