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    AB and I have almost finished 'up the side'. Just need to replant all the hydrangeas on the shady side .. but the sunny 'kitchen garden' side is now complete: rosemary hedging, kaffir and tahitian limes, mandarin and meyer lemon.

    side area

    red shoes

    I must say the man of the house is pretty chuffed with himself. He never used to be 'Suburban Bunnings Dad', but it's really grown on him, loves it. If I mention I have Mother's Group, he'll be out there making sure the lawn is mowed for the kidlets.
    He's a good man.


    But really, what i've been doing is processing photos for other people - I know a few of you have been wanting to see what i've been up to, but i'm still rather shy, mind .. and even though I have permissions from people to use photos i've taken for them, a personal blog just doesn't seem to be the place. I suppose i'll get over it as my confidence grows, but I just want to say 'thankyou' to some people I know who read here, who are generous and helpful and kind.


    Tree went up tonight. Undecorated as yet.
    My children don't sleep, and the youngest one has decided that life is unbearable unless he's welded to my hip at all times. Oh, and I guess we're weaning, as the sight of my breast in the daylight is like offering garlic to a vampire.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, kid.
    But at least i'll be able to wear that chest-tight dress earmarked for Dec 25th, right ?

    Oh - and the hair ? Apologies to the 'dresser'. It took a week, and the purchase of a new brush and some SERIOUS boy-putty in 'Surfer-Skate-Rock X-treme' .. but now i'm rocking it. I've *nevah* had hair that actually looks better the grottier it is, but Day 4 is awesome. If I can combine it with a 'inside-outside-frontside-backside' underwear routine .. just imagine how urban grunge I could be ?
    Just don't stand too close.


    KikiMiss said...

    Everything about this post is bloody fabulous, the 'up-the-side' pics, the boy, the other child and THOSE SHOES!! Where from? Me loves.

    Be positive, be've got it goin' on grrrrrrrrrl.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Ah, the old welded to the hip stage. So good for the mother's back.

    Don't be shy, your photos are fabulous, and it's very interesting reading about the processes, I was watching the Mechanic's daughter progress on Flickr and got so into reading the back and forth discussions.

    Christie said...

    yeah, when #2 was born I had SUPER short hair & when I washed it it was a disaster!

    Uli said...

    The up the side looks fabulous. Almost makes me wish I had a garden. Almost.

    And your photos are fantastic!

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I think "up your side" looks better than "out our back". Love the idea of rosemary hedging; just considering doing something similar. The smalls call it the "smells like roast" plant.

    Nice shoes too. Guessing here ... Camper?

    Joke said...

    Don't think I didn't notice all the citrus goodness you have going on.

    Because I did.


    Frogdancer said...

    I was thinking I'd make a comment about the garden looking so great. But then I got to the B&W photo. Oh my...

    Stacey said...

    Meyer lemon - the boys' favourite outdoor toilet. The best lemon for lemon tarts (after they have been washed of course).
    So if we are to continue the grunge skater theme, will your pants be at half mast to reveal the top of your undies next time we meet?
    I do hope so.

    Keryn said...

    Beautiful photos, all of them and house looks great! I'm envious!!! Well done...

    Melody said...

    No need to be shy! That B&W pic is awesome!!! Well done - big pat on the back thing comin' your way...

    Your garden was awesome - you know I liked it...a lot. Inspiration for me one day perhaps? I reckon give Lyndon half a chance he'd be like AB too - garden proud.

    Thanks for your lovely words on my blog - poor MB is still thinking we're coming around next week? Owww, bless him. You know we think highly of you too. Monet is *always* talking about 'mum's friend in Melbourne' (that would be you). Her arm have healed nicely. It must've been those Shrek bandaids.

    muser said...

    I agree. I love the up-the-side and I've always admired your photgraphy skillz. You will have a roaring business in no time.

    i would like to see a self-portrait with the grungey hair. :D

    Sherrin said...

    That last photo in particular is DIVINE!!

    julia said...

    Hi - just wanted to pop in and let you know (without blowing wind up your butt) that the photo of the baby's head in the hands took my breath away, literally. I don't know you, so I've got no reason to lie - I saw it, sat up straight and just stared in wonder. And then remembered to breathe. It is truly beautiful - great angle. So no need to get all coy about your photo's.

    nutmeg said...

    The colours of your photos are gorgeous. The one of your eldest boy "up-the-side" with the yellows and oranages and blue of the fence - great contrast and very eye catching.

    Kirsty said...

    Up the side is looking sensational!

    & I absolutely agree that you shouldn't be shy about your images - you're really good!!!

    shula said...

    Wot no shot of hair?

    Anonymous said...

    It's looking pretty good all round!

    shellyC said...

    Fabulous!! Yes - the colour of your photos has always been sensational. I just thought it was your clean house and clean children!! Must be the photographer....and/or the computer??

    Blue Mountains Mary said...

    Gorgeous red shoes photo.

    And you know what I think of the baby and hands photo!

    Anonymous said...

    Don't be shy! Please, please! We want to see more photos! I'm in awe of the beautiful BW - the posing, processing, everything - gorgeous!

    Maybe a dedicated photo blog - an online portfolio's a good idea for the new venture, right?

    Oh, and up the side, red shoes, cute boy-o - all fab too!

    janet said...

    love your photos! and the garden work looks great too - we have clinker brick now and I can't wait to work it....

    maybe you do need a photo blog, to promote your business.... I've seen some great blogger themes for photos in my recent web travels (for next project) and they can be made to look much more like a website than a blog, if you get what I mean. OK off to unpack another box.

    M said...

    aaah, the shoes. me want.

    also want to see ur hair.

    meggie said...

    Ahhh. very satisfying! All of it.

    h&b said...

    The red shoes were a K-Mart synthetic special 2x Christmases ago ;P

    No pics of the hair - i'm not rocking it that much. And it just looks the same anyway, only shorter..

    Thanks for all the lovely comments - there's more pics in my flickr photostream ( if you are a contact ) ... it's all rather hard work - a lot different to taking a pic of your own kid, that's for sure ! But I am enjoying it, even if my brain is overflowing :)


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