Friday, August 22, 2008

    Meme Mash

    I've been tagged at least 4 times since February - so i've kind of mashed a lot of memes ( 7 weird facts, 8 Random Facts, 5 Things etc ) in one, from Frogdancer. Mainly because she had the word UNSPECTACULAR in *her* meme, and I kinda like that word. Say it with me:


    Love it.

    So this is for you, Guera, Cellobella, and Melissa .. and anyone else I ignored or avoided meme-wise. I'm going 8 again, and you can see past issues here and here.

    1. I wear a bra probably 99% of the time. Even to bed.
    No, it's not uncomfortable.

    2. In public, I often feel like i'm wearing the wrong clothes, have interests no-one else does, or have just laughed at the wrong joke at the wrong moment.
    I hope I come across more confident than I feel.
    Stangely, I never felt like this at work. I think it's because I 'knew the brief' and was prepped for success, with power lipstick on, and serious pantyhose. Less me, y'know ?

    3. I yawn a lot. In important meetings or if in an office getting a promotion / or a slap on the wrist ( when I was working ), or if you are a friend telling me something very private and near/dear to your heart. It's embarrassing and makes me look like a prat. I don't know why I do it, and i'm not bored, and i'd like to be able to stifle it, but if I think too much about it, it makes me yawn.

    4. I have a similar problem with crying.
    I know it's genetic as my mother and my sister are the same, but it's SO EMBARRASSING !

    5. I am not good at sitting down and watching tele.
    I always have to be doing something else too - blogging, editing photos, painting my toes, whining, picking up crap etc. On the rare occasion I go to the cinema, I solve this twitchiness with a yuge popcorn and matching yuge Diet Coke. They have to be yuge, because if I finished them before the movie were to end, i'd probably get bored. And twitchy. Even if the movie was absorbingly good, my mind would be racing off in other directions. Popcorn and soda tend to numb things and allow me to simply watch.

    6. When I go out walking, I often pretend I am a character in a film of my own making. I pay attention to set design, movement, colour, drama and action. Please someone else tell me they do the same and i'm not entirely weird.

    7. I often dream about my eldest boy drowning.
    The dream varies from tsunamis to houseboats, to cars plunging into flooded rivers, and last night it was an underground grotto. I blame the media and the new focus on extreme weather patterns, and hope they mean nothing. However, I am most vigilent around water.

    8. I have lived in 25 different houses in my life: 3 countries, 2 Australian states, 5 towns and 9 suburbs of Melbourne.

    Your turn.


    melissa said...

    Glad to see you got to the meme... lol!

    I'm impressed by the number of houses (and suburbs) you have lived in!

    Oh - I have a similar yawning 'problem'. I also have a weird/embarrassing tendency to want to do this little laugh when someone is telling me something serious. I hate it but find myself doing it - nerves or something I guess but it's terribly insensitive!

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    Now I would only worry about #2 (wearing the wrong clothes in public) if it is just #1. Unless of course it is all part of the costuming for #6.

    For what its worth, I think you come across as having bucketloads of confidence - your blog is one of the most entertaining I have read! (Was that you yawning?)

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I don't do the movie thing.

    I SO do the crying thing.

    We have lived in a similar number of different places!

    Joke said...

    #2 is realllllllllllllllly suprising.

    Really, really.


    Anonymous said...


    wrote a long comment

    blogger ate it

    your stuff was interesting

    that'll have to do now...

    Heather said...

    #1 and #4 --ME TOO.

    Christie said...

    Yeah, I cry WAY too much too...

    Stomper Girl said...

    Oh allright, I'll admit to 6 but it's mostly when I'm wearing the ipod and have a searing soundtrack in my head.

    There. You and me, weirdos together.

    Beth said...

    Are you weird? Na, definitely not. Define 'normal' anyway and actually who wants to be normal? God I strive to be an educated, opinionated determined individual with a whole load of loving thrown it wrong to stuff pieces of Top Deck inside Cheezels to eat them all together?

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