Monday, August 18, 2008

    Love Songs & Dedications

    Mixtape Monday:

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    These songs are old - Youthful Reader

    That's not technically a question, Youthful Reader, but it so happens I listen to all the latest hip young thang stuff on my key-wind wireless. But I am old, so cut me some slack.

    I'm thinking next week ( if I remember ) I might even do the stuff from my parent's LP Collection, so that should really bring all the boys to my yard.

    ( Lala-lalala ...The boys are waiting )

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    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    They're not old; they're classics.

    Like: that nanna Osti frock isn't old ... its vintage; those leftovers in the fridge aren't old ... they're penicillin.

    I like your selection. Bring on next week.

    A reader who went to see Paul Weller on the weekend

    h+b said...

    OMG - i'm just discussing Paul Weller via email with someone - how trippy ! He's here ? I think I remember hearing that.. rings a bell..

    And seeing Morrissey sing "There is a Light.." live was one of the best nights of my life.. I bonded with strangers..

    le sigh.

    Tina O'D said...

    Song 4 "untitled/unknown"

    OMD - If you leave.

    Don't forget I'm older than you????

    handmaiden said...

    enjoyed that mix

    Stomper Girl said...

    If you leave, pretty in pink soundtrack one of my fave soundtracks of all time.

    I'm old too.

    Joke said...


    Paul Weller & The Jam.

    Now I feel, not old, but decrepit.


    Joke said...


    White Hot Magik said...

    Enjoying it dropping by via Growing a Life.

    Jane said...

    OMG someone who knows who Paul Weller is!
    One of the problems of having a husband 10yrs younger,
    he can mention any bloody boy band, but "who are Madness & The Style Council"

    Anonymous said...

    Paul Weller! EVERYONE should know who he is...

    I am pulling on my fingerless lacy gloves and teasing up my fringe as I listen.

    Thanks - loved it.

    joke said...

    My beloved wife, who is but a mere two years younger than I am, HAS NO CLUE who anyone on my playlist/CD/Tape/Record collection is...

    I think she may know ABC, but that's it. You see, she liked -- no, really -- disco, and the reprogramming is proceeding at a glacial pace.


    paperhill said...

    Pretty in Pink-if you leave, loved that movie & song.....yes I'm old too :)

    Anonymous said...

    My 2 yr old immedately asked "where's my guitar mum?" when I started playing these tracks...definitely classics! Thanks for sharing, brought back lots of memories!

    Frogdancer said...

    The best part is when your kids start singing along to all of the songs you used to sing when you were their age. I love it!

    I've tagged you for a quick meme.

    Surfing Free said...

    I was totally going to marry Jim Kerr until Chrissie Hines stepped in and spoilt our (ok, my) love affair.
    I loved them and would dance around in my room singing very loudly while my parents tried to ignore me :) Ah, thanks for the memories!

    h+b said...

    I *hated* Chrissie for stealing Jim. He was *mine*.

    You wanna go scrag-fight over him , Surfing Free ?

    The Mediocre Gatsby said...

    Wow! These are all awesome!! I think I am younger than you, but my older siblings brought me up right, so I love all of these.

    I would totally all of these songs on a mix tape.

    In fact I am pretty sure that I did at one point.

    Girl About Town said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I freaked out when I saw the pic of the tape on this entry. I actually used to USE those exact tapes to tape songs off the radio!

    I am very old.

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