Thursday, January 17, 2008


    I am the family ogre - the one that doesn't put up with manipulation or B/S.

    AB opened a giant family-reunion sized can of Baked Beans the other day as apparently the smallest member of the family didn't want one of the single-serves, and wouldn't eat anything unless it was THIS can.
    If it was me, I would have closed the pantry and said 'well, go hungry then'.

    Eventually, if one is REALLY hungry, one would eat a single serve, or avail oneself to the fruitbowl. I don't muck around.

    So when I went to make the boy's bed this morning and was peeved to see some new artwork, and boomed for the boy to 'come here now!'

    .. and he told me with pride and joy that the crayon read "Firstname Middlename Surname" ( I told him he had to learn his full name before starting kinder next month ) .. well, I must admit, even though it was just scribble, I softened considerably. He was so proud !

    But, he'd better be warned, that's his ONLY Get-Out-Of-Gaol Card, and it's good for one time only. I'd better not see any more 'tagging' around the place ( actually, he's pretty fascinated with graffiti .. hmmm .. perhaps he thinks it's ok ? )


    Art is improving. This is a helicopter:


    And finally - OMG - a gift from a blogger. I was expecting a postpak with a couple of kiddy CD-Roms of Dora the Explorer .. not an A3 sized box PACKED with computer games, Brio trainset track, and other assorted goodies ?!?!?

    Thanks Kirsty - i'm still in shock over your generosity !

    Naturally, we had to make a brand new track to celebrate.


    Stomper Girl said...

    Did it wash off? Apparently tagging can now be lucrative and people will dismantle the wall you graffitied to boot.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    That is true SG.

    But you would have heard me screaming from anywhere in Australia!

    Although it is a million times better than baby pooh.

    h&b said...

    eww - baby poo - didn't have that problem, hopefully I won't in future either ...

    As for the cleaning - I haven't bothered. I'll show his dad first ( why ? ), and deal with it tomorrow.

    Because i'm slack.

    Christie said...

    Wow, nice loot... great looking copter too!

    peppermintpatcher said...

    I am the tough one too. My Pete is as soft as butter. "They're just kids" He would say.

    ohsundayschool said...

    ooh, Brio trains! love them.

    my newphew is getting some Thomas trains + tracks for Christmas (yes, belated Christmas). i'm excited for him! hehe.

    Louise said...

    Oooh don't you hate that. My first girl drew only on paper, my second did a bit of wall scribbling and my third draws on EVERYTHING including walls, tables, chairs, doona covers, her hands, her legs.... The problem is no matter what I do, the older girls leave all sorts of textas, pens etc in dumb places. Thank goodness most of them are removable!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    You stick to you non-B/S guns –either you’re in charge or they are, and you really don’t want them in charge! That would lead to chaos and the end of life as we know it ;)

    Jada2929 said...

    Magic Eraser to the rescue again! What is it with kids writing on the wall? Last week I found marker on my sofa. Ugh.

    Damselfly said...

    Aw, he really is quite the artist. He was just trying to make it personal. ;) I hope it washes off. But -- of course you're proud of him for learning his name.

    Melody said...

    What a terrific parcel you got!! I bet Kirsty is as pleased as punch to se it went to a good home??

    Great painting. You're gonna get some masterpieces throughout the year I predict.

    As for the tagging, try selling it on eBay.

    KikiMiss said...

    That's me, I'm the authoritarian in this joint too! The fun police if you like. What did AB say?

    Love the helicopter, you should frame that one for his bedroom!

    That blue floor covering looks so plush, I just feel like lying down on it with a huge cushion and having an afternoon snooze.

    muser said...

    i only just covered up Fraser's 'drawing' on his cupboard doors with educational posters. It was my fault for leaving a permanent maker laying around 2 years ago. I learnt my lesson. :)

    meggie said...

    A friend's little girl once used my lipstick on our bedroom wallpaper, to write most of her name. When I found her she denied doing it, & blamed our son. He was just 2 & his name was not Karen She was 5, & her name was Karen!

    Nice goodies from Kirsty.

    Jane said...

    You handled it beautifully. When my (now 14) 3yo wrote his name on ALL the white stripes of newly recovered couch I screamed. My mum said I should be proud he could write his name! He now tags every scrap of paper in the house(and assures me he NEVER does it in public!!!)

    Maggie Pie said...

    My littles are good at those games too...requesting individualized menu plans from dad,drawing murals in the time out corner :P Surprise package looks superb!

    Fairlie said...

    I'm an ogre at our place too...and the one time The Impossible Princess applied drawing materials to the walls, she was damn-near put on ebay...

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