Wednesday, January 16, 2008


    I kept a diary every day of my life, for all my High School Years - from Yr 7 to 12.

    At first I fancied my life might be important to historians, i'm sure.
    Didn't every girl have a go at being Anne Frank ? I didn't even really like the Diary of Anne Frank. I was far more interesting.

    For the first year, I started every day with "Dear Diary". Gag.

    In my later diaries, I fancied myself THE music authority ( life at home was strict - solace was found in taping Take 40 Australia, watching Sounds on Saturday mornings, Countdown on Sunday nights, and reading books by Glenn A Baker from the library ).

    Hours were spent taping favourite songs and pressing rewind and play over & over as I wrote down the lyrics and memorised them to heart.
    On Saturday, i'd walk into town and pick up a free copy of the Top 100 Singles & Albums from the local record shop and bring it home to study. Many of them are stapled in my old diaries.
    They were very, very important to me.

    Of course, all this was private, I didn't geek it up at school or anything.
    God no.

    In later years, I would write my "Song of the Day" at the top of every page before writing about whatever mishap occured at school ( the Indonesian teacher having a meltdown again .. the time the Principal called an impromptu assembly after a girl had had a close encounter with a red bellied black snake on the oval that day - it was me, it was me ! ), my crush on Andrew McCarthy, what spunks my friends had crushes on ( surfers only, all others need not apply ), or when the next concert would be on for the Under-18's at the local RSL Club.

    I was in love with Australian Music at 15.
    My dad said that's why I lost the local "DJ For a Night" competition I entered with the local radio station ( I still have it somewhere on an old cassette - it's UGH ! ) .. because I only played Australian Crawl, the Hoodoo Gurus, the Models et al.

    I should have *diversified*.
    I actually remember being horrified when I got there and at first they said I couldn't choose the playlist - um, hello - this is my musical integrity on the line - I am not playing anything that will make me look like a dag ?!!? .. that I don't believe in ?!?!?
    Their idea of being a DJ for a night was to answer the 'real' presenter's doopy questions like "How old are you?" and "what are you favourite subjects at school" and not much else.

    Sorry, but I really didn't see how could compete if I was just to sit across the table.
    So I convinced the dude to let me choose the music. My father ( who'd driven me 3 townships over to compete in this, my life's dream to date ) said I should have been less assertive. hee !

    I can't remember who won. I didn't listen to anyone else.
    Narcissism is like that.

    So where am I going with this ?

    Well, besides the fact i'm still writing a diary ( hello, blogger ! ), I pretty much still have a 'Song of the Day' also ( although I don't write them down any more ! ).
    Lately I can't get Silverchair out of my mind .. although last week I was totally into E.L.O. again after seeing "Wild West Hero" on "The Chaser's War on Rage" on New Years ( yes, still partying hard, and I don't even have parents making me stay in these days - *sigh* ... )

    So the choice is yours - kick back with the ye olde E.L.O. linkie ( it's good, trust me ! ), or get all young modern with the Silverchair clip below:

    Enjoy !


    Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

    I remember those top 100 lists and taping songs off the radio so I could learn the lyrics (and usually get them wrong - I think there's a term for that which escapes me at the moment). I suppose we all got Aussie Crawl words wrong - still don't know what they are....
    I used to listen to American Top 40 hosted by Casey Cason (sp?) who my Dad tells me was on the radio when he was in Vietnam, so he must have been really old, even though he didn't sound it.
    Mondigreens - that's the term as in "layed him on the green / the Lady Mondigreen". Forget which song this comes from.
    Dear Diary - *giggle* ;)

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I have to admit to a secret liking to ELO - I had one of their albums and knew all the lyrics because if memory serves me right they had them printed in the album.

    I can still hear Casey Cason's(me too with the spelling) voice doing the countdown.

    KikiMiss said...

    I had those lists too!!! I only went into the coolest record store in Brisbane (recently close might I add) to grab them as well. Must have helped make me even "cooler"!!

    Mmmmm Daniel in this clip, just love him/it. I actually have crushes on these young Silverchair guys so it's a good thing Miss A always wants to watch their YouTube clips ;-)

    KikiMiss said...

    PS...I recall hearing James Reyne being interviewed on either JJJ or Nova and he even said he wasn't sure what lyrics he was singing in some of the songs. Ha ha ha ha.

    Stomper Girl said...

    I used to get those top 100 lists too!

    And I think your DJ competition was not about who won, it was about how you played, and you obviously played the best because you went in with ideas and attitude. Which is fantastic but probably not quite the right thing for commercial radio...

    muser said...

    Good Lord Leebee! It's like looking into a more motivated, and sophisticated, mirror. I often thought my life would be interesting to someone one day but laziness meant that it remained fantasy only - until the internet. I often thought I would write a book one day called "My Ordinary Life".

    And the music thing. I used to lurk in the record shops, pick up the top 40, listen to the top 40, go to sleep with my headphones on and INXS or similar blaring into my head. I'd fantasise about being Jon Farris's girlfriend, or that *I* was playing lead guitar.
    Then after high school I discovered community radio and fed my music obsession with voluntary radio announcing for 6 years.

    I just cleaned out all my old casette tapes last weekend - janet Jackson, The Takeaways. lol

    KikiMiss said...

    I reckon if the lot of us got together and had a party there would be some mighty fine tunes (and stories) going on!!!

    tommie said...

    I was cleaning out my favorites today and had to come see you again! So glad I did. I am so happy to know I am not the only one who sat with pen in hand pushing play and rewind to songs taped from the radio! Great memories....

    happy Wednesday

    h&b said...

    Stacey: I think the "Dear Diary" was a Little house on the Prairie thing .. from memory ... very naff though, very, very naff....

    BMM - I love E.L.O. - my parents had a few of their albums. Along with the Moody Blues, it reminds me of Fondues and Steamboat nights..

    kikimiss - Daniel Johns is weird. I believe he and Natalie are still haggling over who owns which makeup..

    and DON'T diss my James. Evah.

    Stomper - yes, I knew so little - about contracts and playlists and etc. It only went for 2hrs, so I suppose the real DJ made it up to the record companies after I left the studio ;)

    Muser - I loved the Takeaways !!
    "Sweet & Sour" - hee hee...

    Mrs. G. said...

    ELO was my first live concert ever!! I haven't thought of them in years. Thanks for the memories.

    Jo said...

    I loved Australian music as well. I once snuck out on a school night to see the Hoodoo Gurus at transformers!

    And speaking of Australian Crawl, this is really wierd but I once tagged along with my friend (I was about 8) and her older sister to drop of a love letter to James Reyne AT HIS HOUSE!! the cleaner answered the door and told us to bugger off.

    Damselfly said...

    Your story is so funny to me because I used to faithfully listen to the weekly countdown of top songs every weekend and write them down. This was serious stuff! LOL!

    I love how you talked the show host into letting you pick the music.

    I hadn't heard that song before ... thanks for sharing it. That drummer is sumpin' else!

    Shayne Hope said...

    OMG! I had a secret diary and lists of songs I took down the lyrics to exactly the same way you did. FUNNY!

    Ahhhh! We were living the dream...

    Love your Blog.


    telfair said...

    I LOVE ELO! I just spent time over my holiday break listening to them and dancing around the house.

    Funny how certain songs just take you back to a time and a place, like nothing else. Ah, memories...

    sueeeus said...

    I had a thing for Andrew McCarthy too, and ELO was my favorite band during one of those late 70s early 80s years. :)

    Lazy cow said...

    Finally, FINALLY have time to trawl and comment:-)
    I love this entry! Like Stacey I listened to Casey Kasem's Top 40. Also spent my pre-teen years telling everyone to be quiet while I taped Countdown from the TV, holding the cassette-player right next to it. Our local record store "Katies" always had the Australian Top 40 (or 50?) printed out and my girlfriend and I would race up to get it after school. Ah memories.

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