Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Moo at the Zoo

    Moo reminds me a lot of Snowmie.

    He comes everywhere with us, does whatever we do, has opinions on things ( and is consulted thusly ), and interacts as a family member.
    He's *very important* and God help us if he ever goes missing.

    But i've never seen a cow ride an elephant before.

    Apparently "yeah they do, cows like ride elephants !".
    Of course.

    Seeing as the boy is Zoo-obsessed, and does quite a good job playing Zoo Tycoon on the computer etc etc, I thought this trip would be our best ever yet. We go every year, and for those first toddler years, the highlight was the seagulls and chasing them.
    He was really looking forward to the Tigers.

    But he whizzed through the exhibits and brattily declared some 'boring'.
    "What's Next", he kept asking.


    We met

    The Girl with the Pretty Face.

    At the elephant enclosure.

    MC was staring at her butterfly-and-sparkle-painted adorned face, and she turned to him like an angel and said "I don't think i've ever seen such a big elephant!" in the loveliest little voice.

    My boy was in love.

    They had a little chat and the girl had to move on.
    MC was distraught and demanded we follow 'the girl with the pretty face. I wub her!'. So we did.

    I told her mother what was going on, as I felt a little creepy actually. Stalking a little girl.

    We also gave them plenty of opportunity to escape us .. but the girl kept tracing back if we got left behind, and hunting *us* down.
    So for a while there, we all travelled together.

    But they were nice people, so it was all good.

    Until the girl with the pretty face had to go home. There were hugs, tears ( my boy ) and indifference ( she was moving on, leaving a trail of hearts in her wake, no doubt ).

    And on the way home, I heard the to & fro'ing of imaginary conversation in the backseat.
    "The girl with the pretty face is here, mummy!".

    So I turned down the radio so I could listen, as I love these conversations

    Turns out the girl was coming home with us and she could stay as 'we've got two rooms'. And the pretty girls' mummy was in the backseat too. She could sleep in Mummy& Daddy's bed.

    "I don't think there's enough room" I countered.
    "Daddy can sleep on the couch" was the reply.

    Oh, righteo then. Problem solved.


    Stomper Girl said...

    Twoo wuv!!

    I've got photos of my boys riding those elephants too. Waving their hats like it was a rodeo.

    KikiMiss said...

    He definitely knows what he wants doesn't he?! And my oh my he looks so much older in this photo, must be the impending start of Kinder doing it.

    The Big Fella's nephew was telling us at Christmas-time of his wife list (this was updated since August mind you when we last saw him)...a 9yo telling us his wife needs to:
    a) be pretty
    b) have blonde hair
    c) not swear or smoke
    d) not have been in jail!!!
    and lastly have no tattoos.

    Perhaps your boy will have his list sorted out pretty soon too?

    Louise said...

    I wuv him - he is adorable!! And imaginary friends are great value - keeps them entertained for hours and you don't have to clean the house before they come or provide food!! Daphne has the girl version of that cow except she has lost all but one leg! You think the poor child would know someone who knows how to sew!!

    Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

    Oh that is just too cute! I wish I knew a boy like him when I was 3.
    We too have "Ted" and "Peta" who come everywhere with us. They "talk" and sometimes argue with each other. Punches have been thrown.
    I live in fear of either of them ever going missing. Peta in particular is looking very dodgy, but youngest son doesn't seem to mind. He still tells her she's beautiful.
    Its funny how unimpressed kids can be by the zoo. I think ours had more fun chasing the seagulls than looking in the enclosures.

    FRogdancer said...

    You're so lucky!! My babies won't tell me when they're smitten.

    I teach at the same secondary school they go to, so any anonymity would be gone. It's not fair. Don't they realise that I should be able to vet any prospective daughters-in-law? I wouldn't embarrass them. (No really....)

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I love that he talks to his cow, I used to talk to my "piggy" - apparently most kids stop this when a sibling comes along - wonder if your wee boykin will.

    Melody said...

    He is *so* cute!! I wuv him too.

    Did you know that 'Pickles' is coming to England, France, Italy, Belguim and Germany with us. I'm glad it is him and not Heidi with the dreadlocked hair. *phew*

    Shel said...

    long time reader, first time commenter - but OH so cute!!!!

    We had tears over getting bigger the other day, then finally, with a big sigh, he said "oh ok mum, I'll get bigger".

    Carmi said...

    My heart broke a little as I read this. It made me think that we all leave little trails behind us, wherever we go. How different things might be if we didn't lose so many glistening crumbs along the way.

    Something tells me it's meant to be this way. Not all connections are meant to be permanent. Better to learn it young.

    You inspire, as always.

    meggie said...

    I forgot my comment when I read Carmi's comment!
    What a nice thing to say.
    Lovely pic.

    joanne said...

    ahhh young love ain't it grand

    Claire Falkingham said...

    I like the way he thinks everything through! We also have a dolly that comes out with us, gets strapped into a seatbelt in the back seat - dolly makes all the important decisions!

    Victoria said...

    That is hilarious! Such a beautiful love story. And I love that the cow has to go everywhere.

    Aunty Evil said...

    How cute!

    dottycookie said...

    Oh, so cute! Hope he recovered from the incident :-)

    Maggie Pie said...

    What a treasure.

    caramaena said...

    Oh how adorable!

    Fairlie said...

    Moo doesn't look like he's quite reached the "health hazard" stage that Snowmie (the first) has...

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